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The directory on Trucks is not yet published and we are in the process of collecting links for inclusion is the directory.

If you are trading in this section of the industry or know somebody who is, please feel free to submit your details for inclusion. This directory will once again be the most comprehensive listing of websites and businesses in this sector of the South African Automotive industry and will provide an ideal cost effective opportunity to promote businesses, using the internet.

This directory will cover the following aspects:-

Plant and Equipment that falls into the following categories:

  • Agricultural and Farming, which includes tractors, harvesters, ATV's, Turf mowers and similar equipment. 

  • Civil Engineering, including wheeled, track and towed equipment specific to the industry.

  • Industrial Plant, which includes forklift, welders, generators etc.

  • Trailers, relates to commercial, heavy duty trailers for various applications

  • Trucks & Buses (Commercial Vehicles), includes new and used, special applications not covered above.

Services that are relative to more than one of the above equipment categories, such as:

  • Finance and Insurance

  • Fleet Management and services

  • Information, News and Magazines

  • Maintenance Services

  • New and Used Dealers

  • Spares - New, Used & Accessories.

  • Trade Info and services

  • Transport & Distribution Services

  • Wholesalers & Trade Suppliers 

In the interim take a look at our directories that we have published on Cars and Bikes and get an idea of what we can do for you as a user or a business service.