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Last updated : 01/01/2010

Your key to the auto scene in South Africa

Auto Start - Traffic statistics

The largest and most comprehensive directory of automotive websites in South Africa.

The current number of links provided and developments of our Auto Start web portal are reported on a regular basis in our news letter. 

On request from a Client or potential client, we will provide data for a specific page and the key phrases that were searched for, that gave rise to hits from search engines to that page.

The following data relates to the total number of visitors to the Auto Start Web Portal, as recorded by our stats counter. This newer version reports stats slightly differently from those previously reported in 2008.

With effect from 1 October 2009, we are now tracking click through rates to linked websites, and this information is available to our clients on request.

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Stats on Percent of global Internet users who visit a site and
Traffic Rank. (lower the number the higher the traffic)

SA Topsites provide an independent source of page views and unique page views (hits) for those pages which we have placed the counting code.
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Monthly Totals - Page Views : showing growth over the last 13 months.

Note: As a result of tracking clicks, and being unable to filter these page out from the graph and stats published below, page views have been inflated as follows:

Month Click Tracking Adj'ed page Views
Oct 09 56,187 107473
Nov 09 58,107 106503
Dec 09 52,617 98264


Page views for Auto Start

Monthly Visitor Totals showing growth over 13 months.

Visitors to Auto Start


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