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Last updated : 04/01/2008

Your key to the auto scene in South Africa

Auto Start - Visit statistics

The largest and most comprehensive directory of automotive websites in South Africa.

Launched on the 01 September 2007 with over 1600 quality links to websites in the Auto Industry in South Africa.

Progress and the current number of links and developments of our Auto Start web portal are reported on a regular basis in our news letter. 

On request from a Client or potential client, we will provide data for a specific page and the key phrases that were searched for, that gave rise to hits from search engines to that page.

The following data relates to the total number of visitors to the Auto Start Web Portal in 2008. Click here for the Stats for 2009.

Monthly Totals - Page Views : showing growth from January 2008 to December 2008.

Monthly Visitor Totals showing growth from January 2008  to December 2008.

stats: Visitors to date

DECEMBER 2008: Daily statistics

December 2008 Stats

N0VEMBER 2008: Daily statistics

November 2008 Stats

OCTOBER 2008: Daily statistics

October 2008 Stats

SEPTEMBER 2008: Daily statistics

September 2008 Stats


August 2008: Daily statistics

August 2008 Stats

July 2008: Daily statistics

July 2008 Stats

June 2008: Daily statistics

June 2008 Stats

May 2008: Daily statistics

May 2008 todate

April 2008: Daily statistics

April 2008

March 2008: Daily statistics

March 2008 Daily visits

February 2008: Daily statistics

Feb stats 

January 2008: Daily statistics 

jan stats


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