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Active content blocked??

This site makes use of page frames and java script to control the opening of pages in the various window frames. Your system may be set to block active content. In which case you will be presented with the following message 

Click this area and select "Allow Blocked Content" followed by "Yes"

System does not support Page frames??

In the unlikely event your system does not allow the use of pageframes, you can view the contents of our site in an alternative format. Click here

Site Search??

If you would like to search the site index  Use the Google site search feature or go to our site map (Click here)  and use and use your Brower's search feature.(CTRL+F)

How do I use this "Data Drilldown system"

Firstly why did we use an unconventional method. Well firstly we like to do things differently, but only if the final result is effective and in this case, it is the fastest way we have seen, of navigating to the volume of data we are presenting.

Note: A frameset is a method of dividing the browser page into a number of different sections or active partitions, called frames. In this case we use three frames, as aprt of the drill down system. The first level of drilldown that contains the main subject headings which have titled Aspect. The next we deal with the  Sections within the selected Aspect and them we present the Detail of the selected Section.  The Fourth level of drill down is presented in a another page that is used to present multiple links on the selected item.

All the topics have been logically structured under headings and subheadings, each of which are presented in separate frames as follows: -

Our logo located here (4th frame)

ASPECT(1st level option) SECTION (2nd level option) DETAIL (3rd Level option)
(1st frame) (2nd frame) (3rd frame)


1. Click an option in this frame  --


 --  and data will be displayed here ---- and --

this page is reset to the default (blank) page.



2. Click an option in this frame  --

--  and data will be displayed here

  Note 1: A Back button is not required as one can navigate to any one of thousands of potential links within only three mouse clicks. If its visible click on it.

Note 2: Only one click is required to point to and active the link.

Note 3: As many external links can be opened at the same time, allowing them to load in their own time for later viewing.

Note 4: Opera Users
The only aspect that Opera fails on is that the focus is not automatically set to the second window, when a new page is loaded in that page.

3. Click an option in this frame and it will open in a:
  • In the 2nd window on your browser, if the link is to another one of our pages. Normally these pages contain more links the total number on the page are indicated in brackets after the Detail, such as Example (24)
  • new window if its a link to another site.
To Recap

When finished, you can return to the main page and select another topic. "detail" will contain a history of all the pages opened from this site. Links to other sites will be opened in their own and new window.


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Last update : 1/05/2008