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Short Title: Tools and Equipment : Windscreen Repair Systems.

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Cyclo SA

CYCLO introduced the GLASS TECHNOLOGY range of vacuum based windscreen repair machines and UV curing resin products to Southern Africa way back in 1984. There are four different systems in the line up.


The Glassmend windscreen repair system is a completely selfcontained professional kit which affords the windscreen repair professional the most efficient, cost effective and simple method for repairing all types of windscreen cracks and breaks.

No Betr Windscreen Repairs

With over 19 years of experience No Betr Windscreen Repairs has grown to become to the top windscreen repair business in South-Africa. From initially only repairing windscreens we have given over 200 people an opportunity to become part of our business by training them and providing them with our windscreen repair kits.


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Last update : 25/02/18