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Short Title: Tools and Equipment : Dynamometers.

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DASTEK dynamometers

With almost 10 years experience in this specific field this dynamometer was designed and intensively tested by Pieter de Weerdt. Braking torque is supplied by a 1600 Newton meter Thelma retarder. This is far more torque than the average road tyre can handle. Most dynamometers re-circulate the hot air generated by the brake. Special fan shrouds split the hot and cool air whilst pumping the hot air out of the brake unit.

Dynojet Research

Supply Dynamometers for cars (including all wheel drive), quads and bikes. Ph 011 - 6184646 - Club House Motorcycles are also the local agents for Dynojet in South Africa.

Hyper Power

Hyper Power currently offers constant load dyno’s, inertia dyno’s and a combination dyno that may be used in either mode. The inertia dyno simulates the acceleration of a vehicle as if it was driven on the road. In this mode, the system is able to produce full torque and power curves in less than 30 seconds.


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Last update : 25/02/18