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Short Title: Textiles, Seating, Upholstery : Upholstery Services.

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A listing of the suppliers that specialise in the retail industry , with regard to Automotive Upholstery Services.


Welcome to AutoTrim, South Africa's premiere manufacturer of leather upholstery for automobiles. AutoTrim manufactures high-quality automotive leather seat covers that are primarily exported to Belgium, France, Holland, Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom. Significant sales have also been made to Singapore and Taiwan.

Cabriolet Auto Trimmers

As the largest independent motor trimmer, in KwaZulu-Natal, Cabriolet Auto Trimmers is wholly owned by it's founder Ryan Stark. Cabriolet opened its doors for business in 1994, operating from a small storeroom off Umgeni Road, Durban.
Our core business is aftermarket fitment. We accept vehicles manufactured from year 2000. Our business consists mainly of new vehicles which we convert from cloth to leather. We deal exclusively with factories and their franchises.

Handel Street Upholsterers - reupholstery

Handel Street Upholsterers specialise in leather conversions. All materials are locally produced and supplied as Handel Street's firm belief is in the upliftment of the South African economy.
Handel Street supplies solely to the motor dealers and does not take on any individual jobs. Handel Street Upholsterers is totally committed to providing the necessary backup and assistance to all motor dealers.

Roodepoort Tel: 011 763-8068
DURBAN Tel: 031 332 6025

Philton Autotrim

We at Philton Autotrim take pride in supplying you with the highest quality both technically and in our craftsmanship. All Autotrim products come with our standard guarantee, that the product has an unconditional 12 month warranty against all and any manufacturing defects.

Fitment Centres in most major centres in South Africa

Soft Top Motor Trimmers - Buccleuch

Importers of Soft Top's for all models of "Production Covertibles" Ever Built.
Specializing in COBRA,


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