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Short Title: Consumables : Oil Spill Clean Up and used oil collection..

Links 14 listed on this page. have been indexed under Consumables - Oil Spill Clean Up and used oil collection. and relates to:-Listing of oil spill and enviroment clean up services.
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24 Hour Spill Response Association

The 24 Hour Spill Response Association managers a group of professional service providers whose No.1 priority is SAFETY! The members meet and exceed industry operating procedures setting benchmarks for others to follow. The Association will ensure that all clients who deal with its members receive leading edge technology related to Safety, Quality, Customer Service and Protection of the Environment.

Bio-Systems SA - Western Cape

BIO-SYSTEMS SA offers scientific services and products for the biological treatment of effluent. We advise on the bioremediation of oil-contaminated soils, on the bioaugmentation of urban, industrial, agricultural and rural effluent streams, as well as the re-use of grey (waste wash) water.

Bluestream Environmental Technology - Gauteng

The cost effective, flexible and easy to apply biodegradable range of absorbents and degreasers with extra-strength bacteria and SoilFix Nutrient have been developed specifically to supply safe and simple remedies for the cleaning up of contamination in soils, hard surfaces, surface water, groundwater and other cleaning applications.

Enretech South Africa - Wadeville


EnviroServ Waste Management (Pty) Ltd

EnviroServ Absorbent Distribution (EAD) offers a consultation service and a wide range of products to combat oil and chemical pollution.


The HazClean Website website is under construction.

IFRT - Vereeniging

IFRT Sales department provides a wide range of Fire Fighting, Rescue, Confined Space, Safety and Spill Clean-up Products. Should you require any of the above, feel free to contact us for very competitive prices.

Oil Pollution Control SA

Oil Pollution Control SA, a subsidiary of CEF, provides oil prevention, control and clean-up services, mainly in South African ports and coastal areas, in terms of South Africa's National Environmental Management Act.

Oil Spill Control - W. Cape

At Oil Spill Control we aim to provide a range of products and services that are efficient, cost effective and reliable to deal with the prevention of spillage as well as to deal with spillage if and when it occurs.

Oil-Gone Agency cc - Eastern Cape

Natural Solutions for Oil and Fuel Spills using oil absorbents and bioremediation products that work

Procon Environmental Technologies

Procon Environmental Technologies was established in 1993. We offer a full scope of Environmental Products and Technologies, specializing in systems that minimize the impact of contamination on the environment and surrounding areas. The company has secured exclusive partnerships with international companies that are world leaders in their field of expertise.

ROSE Foundation - used oil collection

The ROSE Foundation has managed to cut the costs of its containers by an incredible 50% from the actual cost of manufacture! The ROSE Foundation will offset the price of the tank against your earnings from used oil. Yes, Oilkol will pay for your used oil and these earnings will pay for your tank. So the more used oil you collect, the quicker you pay off the tank. It's that easy!

Spill Response Team South Africa - National

The SRT group has branches and dealers nationally which enables the group to provide services on a cost effective and 24/7 basis. SRT is a fully accredited hazardous material contractor with the following main accreditations:

Xtreme Projects - E. Cape

Xtreme Projects is a 24 Hour Emergency Spill Response Company based in the Nelson Mandela Bay. Since opening in 2004, we have expanded globally and extended our field of operations to include oil, hazmat and operational support to land and sea emergencies. We are ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Certified and Sasol Emergency Response Accredited as well as being affiliated with Transnet, SAMSA and the Eastern Cape Disaster Management Committee.


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