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Short Title: All industry - Hardware : Tubes - Steel and Alloy.

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Suppliers of stainless steel tubing, exhaust tubing, flexible tubing, fittings for hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

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Bosal Afrika (Pty) Ltd

Bosal annually processes 185,000 tons of steel to produce more than 80,000 kilometers of tubes and profiles. Thirty percent is used by Bosal for products like exhaust systems and roof bars. Seventy per cent is sold to other manufacturers, for other industrial use.

Columbus Stainless (Pty) Ltd - Middelburg

Stainless steel tubing

Automotive exhaust tubing and catalytic converter casings.

Automotive exhaust systems.

1.4509 (441)
This grade is specially produced by Columbus Stainless for use in automotive components. Its superior mechanical strength at elevated temperatures (up to 850 deg C) makes it the ideal material for the front end (close to the engine) of an exhaust system. It can also be used for the fabrication of heat exchanger tubes and hot water geysers.

Hose Centre - Edenvale

Petroleum composite Hose | Chemical Composite Hose | Stainless Steel Braided Hose | Flexible exhaust Tubing | Self Storing Airtool Hose | Nylon Tubing Hose | Pushloc Hose | Aludec Ducting Hose

Stainless Steel Braided Hose: 6 mm up to 250 mm
Flexible exhaust Tubing: 20 mm up to 150 mm
Self Storing Airtool Hose: " up to "

Hydraulic Components - Germiston South

Hydraulic Components are Manufacturers and Suppliers of:
Steel adaptors , Brass fittings, Airbrake fittings , Airline hoses and fittings, Bundy tubing ,Nylon tubing ,Copper tubing ,PVC hose ,Grease nipples, hoses and related equipment ,Steel tube and steel fittings ,Hose clamps ,Pipe clamps, Needle and flow control valves ,Specials - manufactured to customer specifications ,Copper washers ,Dowty washers ,Ball valves - high and low pressure, Quick release couplers - hydraulic and pneumatic

Robor - Elandsfontein

Robor is active in the building and construction, energy, water, mining, agriculture, automotive<\b>, and logistics road and rail and other market segments.

Manufacturing of hot rolled steel tube and pipe, cold rolled tube, stainless tube and pipe, and open sections.


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