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Short Title: All industry - Hardware : Control Cables and springs.

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replacement of Clutch, Speedo, Bonnet, Accelerator, Boot, Brake, Choke, control cables and springs.

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Anropa Automotive and Industrial Cable Manufactures

Anropa has the biggest range of control cables in South Africa, currently producing in excess of 2,500 part numbers.

Auto Cable Solutions - Brackenfell

On older cars, replacement cables can either be so expensive that they do not justify the expense, or frequently-enough, they are simply unobtainable. Even if they are still manufactured, retailers and wholesalers tend to be unwilling to try and source them for the customer.

Cabel Masters - Montague Gardens

Providing all your mechanical cable related needs such as Stainless Steel Cables, Balustrade Cables, Gym Cables, Steel Wire Ropes, ect. Our premises may be new but our business is founded on solid and extensive prior experience in the industry.

Cable Solutions - Pretoria

Cable Solutions, a leading manufacturer of automotive, industrial & marine cables, situated in Hermanstad Pretoria, believe quality and customer satisfaction is of great importance,

Cable Super Service - Cape Town

Manufacturers of high quality cables for all makes of automobile & motorcycle. In addition to manufacturing, we also repair existing cable assemblies as per sample. Window winder mechanisms. High quality steel pipes and flexible hoses

Cableman - Cape Town

CABLEMAN is able to produce any control cable for any vehicle either on a production scale or once off basis as required.
Some cables in the range include Accelerator, Speedo/Tacho, Brake, Clutch, Bonnet/Boot, Stopper, PTO, tailgate and seat controls.
Because of stringent in house quality control systems, all products carry a factory warranty covering workmanship and material.

Champs Control Cables - Durban

Product range includes Clutch, Speedo, Bonnet, Accelerator, Boot, Brake, Choke control cables.

Spring Manufacturers of S.A.

Our dedicated team provides the utmost efficiency and skill in design, manufacturing, quality, service and delivery.
We are committed to provide leading edge technology in all aspects of spring manufacturing.
Supply from 1 spring to millions.


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