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Short Title: Services for the automotive trade : Internet solutions and Information.

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Internet solutions for the Automotive Industry, where information sharing and access are the key objectives and includes dealer to dealer networking designed to source and trade vehciles.

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Auto Information Solutions

Providing you with accurate trade, retail and residual values of new and used passenger and commercial vehicles.

Helping you prevent the sale, auction, registration, financing and insuring of suspect, invalid or stolen vehicles.

Management Applications
Automated applications designed to help dealers and traders increase efficiencies and revenue streams.

Your channel of communication to the wider auto industry, our range of Dealer Guides and Autolocator help you tap into the consumer niche markets.

Automotive Business Review

A refreshing and upbeat monthly review of the automotive aftermarket in Southern Africa.

Autotrade-Mail South Africa

Autotrade-mail is designed to put dealers directly in touch with other interested parties and allow them to trade directly. We take no commission fees from the incremental profit dealers make. Owing to this we do not hear about all the successes they have had.

Through the feedback we have had, dealers tell us that it is not uncommon, to be bid up to 10% more for desirable models over bids achieved locally.

Dealer Info ZA

DealerInfo is a platform upon which dealers can communicate effectively through the use of emails and SMS's to trade with one another in an easy-to-use and convenient way. Whether you are looking to purchase or sell stock, this system is a must.

Eliance Automotiv

So you donít like technology, do you?
Well, neither do we if itís clumsy, useless and expensive.
If you donít want your dealership cluttered with unfriendly technology,
the Automotiv system is for you!
Itís simple to use, easy to learn and the quickest way to sell more cars!


motorONLINE is an internet business, focused on delivering electronic solutions and services to the South African Motor Industry.

motorONLINEís explicit intention is to deliver solutions that are based solely on business requirements, that are not simply ĎNice to Havesí. motorONLINE has been incorporated for approximately 3 years and is made up of a small, highly skilled team of individuals who are dedicated to delivering value within deadlines.


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