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Short Title: Fleet Control and management : Software Management Systems.

The links listed on this page have been indexed under Fleet Control and management - Software Management Systems and relates to:-
Various suppliers of software systems that are designed to facilitate the management of commercial vehicles and the activities of drivers, routing, unauthorised stops etc.

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CASELogix was founded as a South African Close Corporation in 1994. We are a small development house headed by Michael Engelbrecht (NDNCDP), and Greg Rindel (B.Com).

As a company we have always specialized in custom systems development - focusing on Financial and Fleet Management systems.

CargoWare - (A Division of Cargo Carriers Ltd)

CargoWare is in the unique position to virtually offer any operation a tailored solution to enable to manage the operational assets through a full cycle. This is achieved by means of CargoWare's business model that is based on 4 main pillars:

Tel: 011 878 8300   Fax: 011 878 8381  

Crest Software cc

Fleet Manager
Fleet Manager tracks the costs and performance of your fleet of vehicles. With it's ease of use and comprehensive reports, it is a must for any business enterprise that is serious about reducing costs and managing their fleet of vehicles. From private individuals to a company with a large fleet.

Tel: 028 840 1110  


Fleet Logistics and Management
FleetLite Pro is a powerful data driven application designed tto manage day to day operations within tranportation and tranport broking companies. The software is customized to meet your company\s operational needs yet maintain the unique features of your business aspects.

Tel: 021 552 2733   Fax:  

Debis Fleet Management

A Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Group Company
At debis Fleet Management we innovate to resolve your fleet management problems before they present themselves. We understand the importance of accurate fleet management reporting, extra ordinary customer service and together with world class processes we are able to deliver a seamless mobility solution for your business.

Branches in all Provinces

Tel: 0861 0 33247   Fax: 012 673 6612  

Dreamworks Technologies

Dreamworks Technologies in operationa since 2001, is a dynamic South African Technology company that identifies, develops, sells and offers unique software and business solutions to the transport industry.

Dreamworks identified that control measures were needed to prevent the theft and fraud of fuel, as well as the ability to manage transport generated data.

Tel: 031 467 8405   Fax: 031 467 8405  

Fleet Focus

The Fleet Focus Fleet Management System provides a total solution: Financial, Operational and Administrative Controls in any vehicle fleet situation.

Tel: 011 236 9561   Fax: 011 807 6910  

FleetActiv - Fleet Management Solution

FleetActiv is a revolutionary new product designed for the South African fleet management market, by fleet management specialists. Developed by the NJA Group of Companies, FleetActiv is a local product with locally based support, so you can depend on rapid service and low total cost of ownership. Development and update costs are also kept to a minimum. Based on an existing character-based application, FleetActiv has been 22 years in the making, and incorporates the latest market innovations and requirements.

FleetPlan International (Pty.)Ltd

Fleetplan is a Fleet Management system which operates alongside various accounting systems and electronic fuel issuing/vehicle monitoring devices. Its prime functions are : to provide detailed vehicle costing. to provide effective control of service scheduling. to provide effective control of tyres, workshops and stores. to accumulate history that can be analysed to assist in future management decisions.

FleetPro (Pty) Ltd

FleetPro (Pty) Ltd. is a company solely dedicated to the fleet management industry and its continued development and growth.

A joint venture between a leading software design house and a hands on fleet management company Fleetpro is dedicated to being at the leading edged of modern fleet management designs and techniques at realistic and competitive costs.

Tel: 011 844 4900   Fax: 011 807 6947  


The Complete Fleet Management Solution
Fleet Complete is our latest and most comprehensive software for the fleet management industry. Written over 18 months for a large South African retail group, it has demonstrated major cost savings and a substantial improvement in user productivity. The program, tailored to individual company needs, is available in two versions: Enterprise (unlimited vehicles) and Elementary (50-1000 vehicles). Competitively priced, and conveniently marketed to buy, lease or rent. See below to download details.

Observer Technologies

Using GPS (satellite) and GPRS (cellular) technology, the OBSERVER Blue Fleet Management System is based on the OBSERVER On-board computer, giving Fleet Managers ‘active’ and ‘passive’ reporting functionality on the status of the vehicle’s engine, it’s whereabouts and how its driver is performing.

Tel: 012 682 5500   Fax: 012 665 4240  

Ron Gevers & Associates

We have assembled a package that will minimise your car perks tax. It consists of:
An accurate logbook – A Ctrack Secure Plus system built into your vehicle.
Accurate costs by access to the Fleetpro Fleet management system.
Calculation of the best combination to be included in your tax return, to minimise your tax liability.

Tel: 011 326 0178  

TransnetiX Interactive (PTY) Ltd

A Fleet Management Software Application is a comprehensive stand alone vehicle management software application that offers the fleet owner a set of tools with integrated capability to assist the fleet owner to consolidate all fleet related and other expenses in one dedicated environment and ultimately reduce fleet operating cost

Tel: 011 468 4930   Fax: 0866 723 534  


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