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Short Title: Fleet Control and management : Radio Communication.

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Vertel Networks (Pty) Limited

The Vertel Group leads two-way radio. With 9 branches and more than 20,000 radios on air, our infrastructure, talent and relationships are a formidable combination. With centuries of experience behind our team, we have a wide-ranging set of clients and have applied Two-Way Radio solutions across the industry spectrum.

Free State
Carfone OFS (Pty) Ltd

Carfone OFS (Pty) Ltd was established in 1980 in South African province known as the Free State. The founder members saw the opportunity to introduce two-way radio communication to a vast rural area, where electronic communication was limited to telephone lines that were only connecting the major towns. The Company was changed from a Company Pty (Ltd) to a Close Corporation (CC) in 1992.

Olympic Communications - Gezina

OLYMPIC COMMUNICATIONS, founded in 1987, specializes in the sales and service of Two Way Radio Communications systems, products and all accessories.
As an Authorized dealer of MOTOROLA Two Way Radio products as well as various other manufacturers of Two Way Radio products, we are in a position to offer you the best prices and after sales support. We are also a supplier of parts and all accessories.

Repcom - Klerksdorp

Whatever your Two-Way Radio requirements might be, REPCOM will provide the solution. From short distance radio communications of under a Kilometre to a long distance HF/SSB Radio network covering the length and breadth of the Country, we will guide you all the way. REPCOM offers a service second to none in our dedicated Customer Care. Contact us today for a cost effective solution to your Communications requirements.


SATLEC is experienced in the sales and service of Proffesional Two-Way Radio Communication equipment. The compact and ergonomically-designed two-way radios offer excellent value for money and good audio quality with reduced background noise.

Two way Technologies - Edenvale

Two way Technologies is an authorized Motorola Dealer in Two way Radios. With over 8 years experience we can offer you the best and prompt services and prices.

W. Cape

Radiotek, situated in Ottery in the Southern Cape Peninsula originally focussed upon the sales and service of two-way radio and the provision of repeater facilities over the greater Cape Town area, via its 9 community repeaters.


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