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Short Title: Fleet Control and management : Driver Control.

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Drive Report and Drive Cam

The World’s Most Affordable Driver Management Solution
Allow the motoring public to help improve your fleet efficiency and safety.

With DriveCam, ongoing improvement in driver efficiency becomes a reality. The dynamic and positive communication it creates between driver and manager brings benefits to the entire fleet, as well as to other road users.


Today we have a complete Fleet Management Solution that will cater for all our customers needs. We specialize in the installation and implementation of Fleet Management Systems to monitor and control the Vehicle Fleet and the related information throughout the organisation in such a way that costs are minimised, productivity is increased, and long-term profitability is maximised through the cost-effective fulfillment of our customer’s requirements.

Little Black Box by Innovative Auto

Prevention is always better than cure.
The little black box EMS IV can prevent engine damage and breakdowns by providing audible and visual warnings before damage occurs.
Over temperature
Low oil pressure
Loss of coolant
Broken fan belt
Charge system failure
Over speed warning / control
Automatic engine shutdown

Safe Rider Vehicle Technologies (PTY)Ltd

Safe Rider Speed & Rev Limiter

By controlling the maximum speed and maximum engine revs of your vehicles, YOU WILL SAVE MONEY, because your vehicles will be more economical on fuel and will last longer.

Fuel savings of more than 30% are recorded !!


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Last update : 14/01/18