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Short Title: Section Index : Fleet Control and management

These are other pages in this section, that we have indexed under Fleet Control and management and relates to GPS tracking, fleet management services and software systems that facilitate Fleet Control and management with regard to commercial vehicles.


CarChip, the most cost effective vehicle data logger in the world. Winner of multiple awards for technological innovation, CarChip is the world’s first consumer OBD II reader and data logger, and it is now available in South Africa.

Cell phone Technology: Transcom - Bellville

Professional Cellular and Vehicle Tracking Installations

Transcom was established in 1995. Our aim was to provide a maintenance service to transport and courier companies utilising cellular telephones as a means of communicating with their vehicles.

Permanently installed cellular phones were relatively new and provided an ideal solution for those companies to stay in touch with the drivers. The downside of that was that roadside assistance to repair faulty/broken phones was not available. Transcom offered clients a mobile service and because of the value of such a service we were soon working under contract to various transport companies, supplying, installing, and maintaining cellular telephones in fleets of vehicles.

Driver Control(4)


GPS Tracking(6)

Suppliers of GPS, Cell Phone, PDA and satellite (GPS) based tracking systems, vehicle tracking solu...

Management and Consultant Services(1)


Radio Communication(4)


Software Management Systems(6)

Various suppliers of software systems that are designed to facilitate the management of commercial v...

Some news for the Fleet Manager

Transport managers get wake-up call

Fleet management is one of the most underestimated and undervalued sectors of the economy. CHRIS BARRON looks at the industry in SA. JEREMY GLYN took the pictures

'Companies employ more sophistication in managing a petty cash float of R1 000 than on millions of rands of equipment'


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