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Short Title: Specialised Replacement Services : Tyre Distributors & Allied products.

The links listed on this page have been indexed under Specialised Replacement Services - Tyre Distributors & Allied products and relates to:-
specialist tyre distribution within South Africa, for export, and regional, as well as other items such as Tyre Pressure Monitors.

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See Also: Mag Wheel Reconditioning

A list of specialists who repair and recondition mag and alloy rims.

See Also: Mag Wheel Supply Specialists

This section includes mainly importers and local specialist distributors of of mag and alloy wheels.

A1 Wheel and Tyre

A1 wheel and tyre is a private family owned and operated company specialising in the warehousing and distribution of tyres and after market alloy wheels to the automotive fitment trade. The company has well established operations in Johannesburg and Cape Town. No contact details on website

TireWorld Exports - Hillcrest, KZN

Tireworld is a tire export company based in South Africa supplying a full range of quality tires to Africa and beyond. Stockists of Goodyear, Run on Flat, Continental and Fulda tires suitable for all vehicles including agricultural machinery, 4x4, trucks, buses, earthmovers and OTR.

Transworld Tyres - Hi-Q Westmead

Transworld Tyres, are the leading suppliers of tyre products to Africa. We specialise in assisting and supplying tyre dealers, general importers or fleet operators with all major brands of tyres.

Turn 1

The Turn 1 alloy wheel brand encompasses a range of highly affordable and trendy wheels that are exclusively available from YSA a division of the TiAuto Investments Group in South Africa. With a geographical sales footprint servicing the whole of sub-Saharan Africa we are currently importers and distributors of Turn1 and Black Rhino alloy wheels in South Africa.

Best Drive (Prev ContiPartner) - Dealer Network

The BestDrive fitment centre network is by no means restricted to Continental tyre brands, and each fitment centre offers a wide range of tyre brands and automotive components from all leading manufacturers. With targeted expansion into new markets, ContiTrade Africa will steadily strengthen its distribution network throughout Africa in the years to come.

Bridgestone South Africa

Bridgestone SA is a unit of the world's No.1 tyre manufacturer. Today, Bridgestone develops, manufactures, and markets tyres for passenger, light truck, truck, bus, earthmoving, agricultural, motorcycle and aircraft applications.
Leading the way in this new millennium, Bridgestone developes leading technology to keep us at the top of our industry, providing our customers with innovative, quality products.

Continental Tyre SA

Continental is today the No. 1 tyre manufacturer in Germany, No. 2 in Europe and the No. 4 worldwide.
Our product palette covers passenger, light truck and truck tyres as well as industrial, agriculture, two-wheel and off-road tyres. Tyres are also manufactured for earth-moving machines, forestry and diverse private brands.

Cooper Tyres

4 x 4, SUV and Passenger tyres. Cooper displays a progressive approach to all aspects of the business. Commitment to quality, safety and customer satisfaction is a mainstay and has paid clear dividends. Delivering superior products is not just a requirement, it's a passion.

Dunlop Accredited Dealers

Dunlop Accredited Dealers are a chain of over 200 independent tyre dealers in cities and towns throughout South Africa. Because each store is owner-managed, you can be assured of friendly, personal service. In addition to giving you expert advice and fitting the best tyres for your vehicle, Dunlop Accredited Dealers can also fit exhausts, shocks and batteries.

Dunlop Tyres International (Pty) Limited

Dunlop Tyres International (Pty) Limited, a member of the Apollo Tyres Group, is a private company incorporated in the Republic of South Africa. Our core business is tyre manufacture and distribution.
Use our dealer locator to locate your nearest Dunlop Accredited Dealer


New brands are Fulda and Sava
RunOnFlat Dealers
Goodyear 4x4 Accredited Dealers
Goodyear High Performance Accredited Dealers

Michelin South Africa

Michelin Tyres are available at more than 200 stores country wide. To locate your nearest store, ..... Contact Michelin Customer Services on 0860 100 480 for more options.

Nankang Rubber Tyre Corp Ltd.

YSA (Yokohama Southern Africa) has been appointed as the sole distributor for Nankang tyres in South Africa and neighboring countries for the past 10 years.

Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli Car and SUV Tyres, Truck and motorsport : news, range and dealers. ...

Yokohama Southern Africa

Tiger Automotive’s Southern African retail operations trade as Tiger Wheel & Tyre, while the wholesale activities are conducted under the umbrella of Yokohama Southern Africa. The UK wholesale business is housed in 51 per cent-owned Yokohama High Performance Tyres.

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SA Tyre Recycling Process Company

The Tyre Industry in SA formed the SATRP Company (SA Tyre Recycling Process Company) a Section 21 non-profit organisation, during Nov 2001, to pioneer a collection process in SA

SATRP Integrated Waste Tyre Management Plan

The SATRP Company initiative was created by leaders in the tyre industry, at the request of Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) , to plan and administrate the waste tyre project. Any tyre producer may become a subscriber to the SATRP Integrated Waste Tyre Management Plan (The Plan). To date over 85% of producers have registered with The Plan as subscribers.

Flats Over - South African Division

Punctures and blowouts can happen anywhere. With FLATS OVER, you are assured that your family can reach a place of safety quickly and confidently.

The FLATS OVER system also protects vehicles’ rims by absorbing 90% of the impact of pot-holes, thereby also saving the tyres from sidewall damage.

Protectall - tyre bands

Protectall is an innovative tyre safety device which prevents the tyre from slipping off the rim in the event of a sudden deflation or blow-out. Protectall tyre bands fitted to the well of the rim will significantly increase steering, braking and cornering control and offers you the opportunity to reach a place of safety.

Survival Liquid Tyre Sealant

The purpose of this WEBSITE is to introduce the concept of a tyre sealant and the advantages of the use thereof, to those who are not aware of its existence and to increase the knowledge of those who have had exposure to previous sealants and their applications.

Tyre Protector

A Permanent tyre sealant to prevent punctures for car and trucks.

Tyrelok Safety Bands

Tyrelok Wheel Safety bands close the wheel well of a tubeless wheel rim, and enable the driver to retain control of the vehicle in the event of a sudden tyre burst and, if necessary, travel up to 25kms to safety.


Ultraseal is more than a tyre sealant, Ultraseal is a TESTED AND PROVEN Tyre Life Extender as well as a tyre sealant. Ultraseal has been tested and proven over the last 37 years and is the world's finest Tyre Life Extender AND Tyre Sealant.

Wheelsafe Liquid Tyre Sealant

Puncture Preventative Liquid Tyre Sealant for Pneumatic Tires

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CSS Cellular Sound Security - Kempton Park

AutoTyre Pressure Monitor

When it comes to safety, tyre pressure is often overlooked. 80% of tyre blow outs and subsequent loss of control are caused by under inflated tyres and the resultant tyre temperature build up.

Integrated Marketing Direct - Isando

A new generation wireless tyre pressure monitoring system which enables the driver to keep track of the Tyre pressure and temperature. The benefits include the following:
Real-Time monitoring of Tyre Pressure and Temperature
Improve your Fuel Consumption
Ensure Safer driving on the road


K-PRESSURE™: the new generation tyre pressure monitoring systems Tyre pressure monitoring systems provided by the car manufacturers are not always your best bet. These systems evaluate tyre pressure relative to the other tyres on the vehicle. So, if all four tyres were subjected to the same irregularity, nothing would be detected. The Pirelli system, on the other hand, monitors each tyre individually, providing the most accurate and efficient detection system.


Fit Tyrechecker TPMS or valve cap indicators and know that your tyres are in the correct tyre pressure range for the sake of Safety, Economy and Performance. TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) and Car Tyrechecker Pressure Indicator Caps


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