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Short Title: Specialised Replacement Services : CV Joints and drive shaft fittment centres.

The links listed on this page have been indexed under Specialised Replacement Services - CV Joints and drive shaft fittment centres and relates to:-
Fitment centres that specialise in the replacement of CV Joints and Drive Shafts.

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See Also: Automotive General fitment centres

This page contains the links that we have indexed under General fitment centres and relates to:-
general fitment centres general provide for the fitment of Tyres, shock absorbers, exhaust, CV Joints, Mag wheel combo. Repairs to Exhausts would also therefore be undertaken.

See Also: Drive Shafts and Prop Shafts service providers

These links relate to automotive engineering firms that specialise in the repair, reconditioning, modification (lengthening, shortening strengthening) and balancing of Drive Shafts, Prop Shafts and CV joints etc. and are presented by Province.

DriveShafts Centre

Driveshafts Centre started with humble beginnings in a Parow wearhouse on 8th August 1984 and has grown to its present status as South Africa's leading provider and fitter of conatant velocity joints, supplied separately as individual componants, or fitted to their side shafts.

We have used our more than 20 years of experience in the CV joints business to source and aftermarket CV joint that meets the high quality standards customers expect from Driveshafts Centre. DC CV joints are exclusive to Driveshafts Centre and are sold with the same 2 year warranty as per OE equipment.

E Cape
DriveShafts Centre - PE

Roshan Street, Trend Tap n Tile Building, Linton Grange,

Canadian House - Krugersdorp

Established in 1970, we are a specialised workshop for the repair of steering and power steering racks, pumps and boxes, we also do the reconditioning of CV joints, side and drive shafts and repairs on front suspension, replacement of ball joints, tie rod ends, wheel bearings, control arms, saddles and shocks.

C.V. Joint Mac - Durban

The company is owned and run By Mr Dan Pakraj who overseas the fitment side in Durban and the branches in Chatsworth and the Bluff.
His Policy is to be the best in a in the demanding automotive industry in South Africa. .

Southgate CV Joint Centre - KZN

Offer the following services to all makes of motor vehicles:
CV Joints, Steering & Suspension, Steering Racks, Rack Ends, Tie Rod , Ends, Ball Joints, Wheel Bearings, Control Arm Bushes etc.

W. Cape
Drive Align - Wynberg & Tokia, Cape

Cape Town based automotive specialist. CV joints, Propshafts, Wheel alignment, Wheel Bearings, Suspension Parts, Steering racks etc.
Wynberg and Retreat:

Propshaft & CV Joint Services - Worcester

At Propshaft and CV-Joint Services we repair, build and balance propshafts and have a wide range of parts available. We supply and fit CV-Joints, Driveshafts, Universal Joints and CV-Joint parts.

We lift the new Toyota Hilux as to your specification from a minum of 20mm to a max of 70mm


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