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The Car Maintenance Bibles

Everything the DIY car enthusiast needs to know about basic car maintenance, wheels, tyres or tires, engine oil or motor oil, suspension (including springs and shock absorbers), brakes (disc brakes and drum brakes), gearboxes, transmissions, engines, motors, petrol, gasoline and general car maintenance.

What's Wrong With My Car?

Answers to your questions and valuable tips

Brake pad technical advice by SafeLine

Brake pad technical advice

BAIS (brake abuse indicating system) and how it works
Disc brake rotor minimum thickness
Disc Machining, cleaning & bedding-in new brake pads
The function of the caliper seal
Caliper servicing

DIY Tips
DIY Ultimate Car Care Guide : DIY Network

An international DIY network. Very worth a visit.

Hilux Front Axle - Simon Morris

A very good and comprehensive write up. any many more artciles arlated to Toyota Hilux 4 x 4 maintenace by members of the Hilux Forum.

Midas Technical Tips and How to...

1. How to change brake shoes 2. How to change oil and filters 3. How to change shock absorbers 4. How to change wheel bearings 5. How to maintain batteries 6. How to change spark plugs 7. How to maintain the cooling system 8. How to maintain wiper blades 9. How to replace brake discs

How Two-stroke Engines Work
Link%20Icon video explaining how a 2 stroke engine works.

How a Car Engine Works (Internal Combustion Engine)
Link%20Icon video explaining how a 4 stroke engine works.

Introduction to How Camshafts Work by Chiplogic

Rotary Engine Chronicle by Mazda

The complete history of the Rotary engine, from 1588 to 2006.

Very intersting reading


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