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Short Title: Caravan & Trailer Maintenance : Spares and Components.

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Rubax - Pretoria

Rubax specializes in the manufacture of the well known Rubax axle and standard beam axles. The Rubax axles have carrying capacities from 450kg to 1600kg with new products being developed on an ongoing basis. The beam axles have carrying capacities from 700kg to 1400kg. Both types of axles can be braked or unbraked depending on customer requirements.

Product range includes Hubs and Drums, Spares, Beam Axles, Brake Components, Leaf Springs, Rims, Short Stubs - Drums/Hubs, Rubax Suspension Axles, Stub Shafts, Bearings and Seals

Caravan Windows
Durattract Plastics - Caravan Windows

Durattract Plastics manufactures a large range of windows for the caravan industry in South Africa.
These windows are of various sizes and shapes and are made to the highest quality.
The windows are made from Perspex which is a strong and durable material, ensuring a long lasting product, and offers the clearest view through the windows.
These are offered in a variety of different shades that will suit the look of the caravan.

Burquip International (Pty) Ltd

Burquip International (Pty) Ltd has been a leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of high speed trailer and agricultural implement trailer components in the Southern African market for over 25 years. Cape Town ; Pinetown ; Jetpark

Cosmos Trailers - Jet Park

Parts and Optional extras for Trailers
Quad Bike/ Quad Car Trailers
Bike & Motorcycle Trailers
Jet Ski Trailers
Travel Trailers
Bin Trailers
Boat Trailers
Flatbed Contractor's Trailers
Go-cart trailers
Golf Cart trailers
Advertisement Board Trailers

Eezy Tow Trailers - Benoni

Eezy Tow Trailers builds custom trailers, supplies trailer spares, refurbishes and re-sprays used trailers. Our manufacturing workshop is situated in Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa. Eezy Tow Trailers was established in 2006. Looking for trailer spares? look no further!

Springwell (Pty) Ltd - Port Elizabeth

Trailer Parts

We stock braked and unbraked couplers, light and industrial jockey wheels, Pro white trailer rims in various sizes and shackle kits for all our axles.


We supply small trailer axles, ranging from 750kg to 3tonnes braked or unbraked. We also stock a large range of lengths, but any size can be ordered as per customer request.

WM Trailers - Roodepoort

We are a dynamic company that rent and sell quality trailers, and we also stock various trailer spares and accessories.

Trailer Jack

The TRAILER JACK is a simple, no hassle, innovation with the trailer owner in mind. This is your opportunity to enjoy a relatively cheap alternative to the " Pump and Grind " of bottle and sissors jacks.

Avinex - Humewood

Manufacturers of Mechanical Aircraft Towbars for the Aviation Industry, as well as towing equipment for boats and caravans.

TrailerTow facilitates the manoeuvring of trailers and caravans in and out of parking areas.


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