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Short Title: Car Care Products & Services : Car wash and Valet.

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082 Carwash

As the market leader in car washing and valet services, 082 CARWASH offers a refreshingly up market option to having your car washed. Our franchisees pride themselves in the exceptional service they provide to their customers (guests).
082 CARWASH has incorporated a coffee shop (Carwash Café™) where guests can relax while watching plasma screens and be served complimentary beverages while our professional managers and supervisors ensure their vehicles are being cleaned to the exceptionally high standards set by the franchise office.
The 082 CARWASH Slogan: “Maximum Care, Every car, Every Time!”

Sponges Carwash & Valet Centres

Sponges’ focus is on the broader public, but it also has a large trade component. Allegrucci: “There are two segments of our market. The one is value-added service – whether on a golf course, at a driving range, or at a shopping centre – people go there not primarily to have their car washed, but to enjoy the facilities. We offer this convenient value-adding service which is efficient and effective. The other sector is our large valet centres which cater for the automotive industry. Prior to receiving your newly acquired car, we remove industrial fall-out, seal the paintwork with a polymer-based sealant, treat the interior of the vehicle against spillages and stains, and ensure that the vehicle is sparkling on the showroom floor. Trade-in vehicles also come to the valet centres, and we clean them from top to bottom, including engine, chassis and scrubbing the interior.”

Vehicle Valet cc

Vehicle Valet CC is and employment creation business established by Rudy Kleynhans and Andre Selli. The nature of the business is mainly focused on the cleaning industry with the core function being car washing and franchise /joint venture opportunities.

Elite Mobile Car Wash

We are taking the car wash industry to the next level, by becoming the first mobile car wash that caters for the clients individual needs...
And now we have added our services for your local fundraising or charity event.

Mobile Car Wash

Gauteng's very own professional totally independent mobile car wash franchise.
We Wash and Valet: Motor Vehicles, Motor Bikes, Motorhomes, Caravans, and Boats

Perfections-Valet (Mothers car care products)

Services include a mobile service and Mother car care products.

Sparkling Auto Care Centre

Sparkling Auto Care Services (Pty) Ltd t/a Sparkling Auto Care Centres was established in 2006. Its main objective was to combine car washing and automotive appearance repairs into a “one-stop-shop” within the South African market, offering a car wash service as well as the exterior and interior repair of cosmetic damage to vehicles at the same facility.

X-Treme Auto Centre - Nelspruit

Our excellent services include products that will give your vehicle the extras you'll need to make your driving experience a pleasure. Expand or improve your existing features with our wide range of products that will enhance the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

W. Cape
Auto Care Centre - Somerset West

Caring for your car and maintaing your vehicle's value is what drives the Auto Care Centre. Based in Somerset West, a short 40 minute drive from Cape Town, we offer a range of services including:

- Smash and Grab
- Full car valet
- Dent removal
- GPS installation
- Auto Glym paint protection
- Llumar Safety Film installation

Hannibals Car Wash & Valet Centre - Cavendish Square

Hannibals Car Wash & Valet Centre
Washing and maintaining your vehicle has never been easier or more convenient.

Bring your vehicle to us on level M2 from the Vineyard Road entrance before you shop at Cavendish.

We have a large number of professional car care services to choose from, wash and vacuum, polish, steam cleaning. We can bring paintwork back to its original shine with our unique paint renovation process.

For professional car care while you shop visit us at Hannibals.

Washworks Carwash - V&A Waterfront

Washworks Carwash offers you a really convenient way to get your car cleaned and have a good time. You can book your car into Washworks Carwash and choose from a complete valet to a wash and vacuum - and have a coffee at one the many coffee shops while this is being done! The Washworks has a menu of services - just choose the option that suits you.


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