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Short Title: Restoration and Customising : Body and part - preparation.

Links 19 listed on this page. have been indexed under Restoration and Customising - Body and part - preparation and relates to:-Provides of the following cleaning and part preparation services : Sand , dry ice, water, vapour blasting.
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More Info
Corrosion Doctor

If you would like to find out more about the technical aspects of corrosion, then this a good source of information.

3-G Products

3-G Products offers you a new and unique range of rust removal and rust control products and services.

Our easy to use rust control products will provide the low-cost solution you require. Whatever your need, whether you are removing rust, refurbishing a rusted building or corroded structure, manufacturing a new product or would just like some advice on how to remove or fix rust, we have a the products and expertise to help.

Duplicolor Rust Fix from Autostyle

Duplicolor Rust Fix
Rust Fix® rust treatment destroys rust on contact. It sprays on clear and turns to a black metal-protecting coating to fight future rust from forming. Specially formulated to be used with body filler and fiberglass. Sandable for a smooth, even finish.


Duram NS Metal Coatings is a proven corrosion combating system that’s designed to prevent, reverse, and eliminate rust. Engineered for metal, the range includes rust converters, metal cleaners, primers and topcoats.

Products of interest for automotive application are:

NS1 Rust Buster

Durabak - Polyurethane Bakkie Liner and Non-Slip Coating

Duram 77 Stonechip and Duram 88 Stonechip - Premium Acrylic Automotive Coatings

Jotun - Paints

Jotun Coatings offer sophisticated products that effectively prevent corrosion.

Dry Ice Blasting

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Bigfoot Car Detailing Centre - Fourways

Dry ice Cleaning Service Now Available
Dry ice-blasting is a form of carbon dioxide cleaning, where dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, is accelerated in a pressurized air stream and directed at a surface in order to clean it. Dry-ice blasting leaves no chemical residue as dry ice sublimates at room temperature.

Boland Dry Ice - Worcester, W. Cape

Boland Dry Ice is the industry leader in dry ice blasting throughout Southern Africa. Our client base varies from boutique wine cellars to the City of Cape Town, Transnet, Eskom and Nampower, Namibia.
We have positioned our service toward targeting specific industries where a decrease in turn around and down-time has a huge effect on the efficiency of their maintenance programs. Our service has provided our clients with a competitive advantage as they have the ability to complete cleaning and maintenance in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

Dry Ice Blasting Solutions - KZN

A dry cleaning process Dry ice blasting is a completely dry process because dry ice pellets are made from COz, and vaporise immediately on contact with the surfaces to be treated.

Impact Blast - Middelburg

Dry Ice Blasting; Dry ice cleaning (also called CO2 cleaning) is an incredibly effective non-toxic method for removing paint, tar, soot, salt, resins, adhesives and other unwanted substances from generators, motors, processing equipment and more. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, CO2 cleaning provides quick results without damaging your equipment or taking systems offline for extended periods to remove cleaning remnants.

General Blasting

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Dustless Blasting - PTA

Dustless Blasting (eco friendly)
Soda Blasting
Sand Blasting
Shot Blasting
Grid Blasting

Fully body blasting
Chassis Blasting
Loose panels

Golden Drive Engineering - Gauteng

Hydro Blasting, Soda Blasting, Dry Ice Blasting-Co2 Cleaning and Vacuum Blasting

JP's Sandblasting - Wellington

We Sandblast and Spray 'on site' and 'off site', you name it, and we will do it.
Whatever you need, whether it be wood, metal, aluminium, stain & steel, bricks, concrete, plastic, glass fiber or glass, We do them All. Sandblasting
Wet abrasive blasting
Bead blasting
Wheel blasting
Micro-abrasive blasting
Automated blasting
Dry ice blasting

Sand Blasting

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Environmental and Industrial Sandblasting cc - Salt River

The company was established on October 24th 1995 to provide the industry with an abrasive cleaning and painting company which insists on reliability and quality .Starting out as a small company our growth has come at a tremendous rate. We are one of the largest blasting and painting companies in the Cape.
Our Sevices Include:
Grit blasting
Micro blasting
Shot blasting
Glass bead blasting

Fine Blast - Phillipi

Rusty vintage cars? No problem! Bring it to Fineblast, and we will take care of it. We can strip, blast, and insert new steel to remove rust, and restore your vehicle to its original showroom condition.

Sandblasting Boys - Gauteng

Professional Sandblasting serving the Gauteng area
Sandblasting is a general term used to describe the act of propelling very fine bits of material at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface. Sand used to be the most commonly used material, but since the lung disease silicosis is caused by extended inhalation of the dust created by sand, other materials are now used in its place. Any small, relatively uniform particles will work, such as steel grit, copper slag, walnut shells, powdered abrasives, even bits of coconut shell.

TRD Auto Body cc - Gauteng

Services include Sandblasting, Soda blasting, Panel Beating & Spray Painting, Renovation of Classic Cars.

A chemical process is being used to remove any powder coated surface. This whole process is done in a chemical bath.

Wet Blasting

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Dennes Engineering - W. Cape

Dennes Engineering has recently acquired the very first Vixen Aquablast in the country! We are also the agents and distributors for Vixen products in South Africa!
The Aquablast is an incredible machine that revolutionises blasting, cleaning, polishing and de-buring components such as machined components, casings, engine blocks, wheels, gears, etc. It is unique in that is uses a slurry to clean and polish, without damaging the parent metal/surfaces (unlike dry blasting).

Swedish Car Specialist - Gauteng

The most advanced aluminium surface blasting method now available in Gauteng!
Exceptionally well suited for gentle,non-destructive cleaning of aluminium cylinder heads,engine blocks,gearbox casings, cam covers,water pumps, carburettor bodies,manifolds, brake callipers and other items during car/motorcycle restoration process.

Wet Blast - Port Elzabeth

Non ferous metal preparation. Your ultimate in aluminum and all other surface preparation. Please note, this is NOT a paint removal process.


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