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Short Title: Part Finishes and wraps : Powder coating services.

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J.G Powder Coaters - Boksburg

J.G Powder Coaters is located in Anderbolt Boksburg and have been operating since 1988. Our core service consists of Cosmetic Finishing Techniques. Our wide variety of colours and techniques ensures a quality and professional finish.

Powerkote (Pty) Ltd - National

Powerkote (Pty) Ltd is a leading distributor and applicator of microfilm high temperature ceramic coatings. Established in 1999, Powerkote has the exclusive distribution and applications rights for Tech Line Coatings USA's range of renowned ceramic coatings that were originally designed to handle re-entry temperatures for space vehicles in the aerospace industry. Today these ceramic coatings are regarded as the most advanced thermal protection options currently available globally.


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Dolphin Coast Powder Coating

Powder coating of all steel and aluminium, furniture, sports equipment, auto parts etc


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