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Short Title: Panel Beaters and Spray Painting : General - North West Province.

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Approved Body Repair Centres, Panel Beaters, Auto Body Shops, Coachworks, listed as approved by Audi, BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Ford, GM, Land Rover, SEAT and Toyota.

Marico Panel Beating - Zeerust

Brits Auto Body CC - Brits

Our quality and expertise in the industry is why multiple insurance companies have hand picked us as a preferred service provider.

Cds Customs - Brits

Automotive Customization Shop · Car Stereo Store · Automotive Repair Shop
Customization of vehicles. Spray painting. Body kits. Air brushing. Panel beating. Sound system installations. Car part sales. Scratch & dent repairs. Importing of accesories and parts.

Five Star Panelbeaters - Brits

Impala Panel Beaters - Klerksdorp

Throughout our history, a key aspect of our company’s philosophy towards business has been to acquire and maintain a reputation for high quality customer services and workmanship, as well as to develop loyal and committed team members.
We have a 24 hour subcontracted towing service which is available throughout the year.

Piet Retief
Botex Panelbeaters - Piet Retief

Successfully servicing the public in Piet Retief and surrounding areas they are fortunate to be able to maintain a high standard of service that their customers have grown accustomed to.

A & N Panelbeater - Potchefstroom

A & N Panelbeater is a company, based is in Potchefstroom that specialise in panelbeating.
We also offer a tow-in service as well as we are a Major Structural Repairer.
The company is Sambra (major structural repairer) and RMI certified.

Forsman Panelbeaters - Potchefstroom

Since the founding of Forsman Panelbeaters, we have been constantly growing and have become a well known name in the auto body repair industry, associated with quality and friendliness.
Forsman Panelbeaters will maintain a competitive advantage through quality control. We will continually work to improve the value of our offerings, through improving service quality, superior workmanship and friendliness, as a basis for maintaining and growing our customer base as our market matures and becomes increasingly competitive.


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Dent Tech - Rustenburg

At Dent Tech we want to achieve and maintain the highest quality and standards to become a fully diversified automotive repair center in Rustenburg. We also strive to offer a reasonable delivery time and client satisfaction.

P&S Panelbeaters - Rustenburg

P&S Panelbeaters is based in Rustenburg, Northwest. Panel beating is an process which requires a good deal of knowledge and skill. Before work can start we must assess the extent of the damage to a vehicle, and whether it is cost effective and safe to attempt to repair it. We treat your project with respect and a professional approach to ensure all repairs are back to normal specifications. Meet the Owner

Prestige Panelbeaters - Rustenburg

Prestige Panelbeaters is an approved body and automotive repairer in Rustenburg
We are over 40 years old, but brand spanking new and it certainly shows

Pronto Panelbeaters - Rustenburg

PRONTO PANELBEATERS is situated in Rustenburg, offering quality service to the whole of Rustenburg and surrounding areas. Pronto Panelbeaters deals with all major insurance companies, mine businesses and private individuals.


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