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Short Title: Modifications - special applications : Disabled Drivers and Passengers.

The links listed on this page have been indexed under Modifications - special applications - Disabled Drivers and Passengers and relates to:-
Suppliers of modifications to standard vehciles, so that disabled people can drive or gain easy access to vehicles. Secondly we cover vehciles, such as hand cycles, that are suitable for disabled to complete in off road or cycle races,

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QuadPara Driver Training Programme

QuadPara Association of South Africa.
One of QASA’s main areas of focus is that of developing the skills and thereby the employment potential of people with disabilities. Historically, people with disabilities have been prevented from gaining basic and further qualifications through physical and attitudinal barriers to access to such opportunities. QASA has a number of initiatives to tackle these barriers and provide opportunities for people with disabilities to gain skills and qualifications.

Association for the Physically Disabled Greater Johannesburg (APD)

National Accessibility Portal

The National Accessibility Portal (NAP) aims to be a one-stop information, services and communications channel that supports everyone involved in the disability field including persons with disabilities, caregivers, the medical profession, and those offering services in this domain.

Chairman Industries CC

Based in Jeppestown do conversions for disabled drivers. Fitment centres: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Windhoek, Welkom, Port Elizabeth, East London, Port Shepstone, Pietermaritzburg.

Link to Facebook page.   Tel: (011) 624-1222/3/4   Fax: (011) 614-4817  

Easy Drive - PTA

Easy Drive (known as Pretoria Easy Drive) is the only fitment centre in South Africa, having certified trained technicians, installing Guidosimplex and locally manufactured adaptation devices and systems with 11 years of experience. Guidosimplex is acknowledged to be the world's leader in vehicle adaptations for the disabled and has over 40 years of experience in providing reliable, innovative vehicle solutions to the needs of the disabled.

Sportsvans Southern Africa - AMF - Bruns

Various systems to provide access to vehicle by disbaled driver and or passengers such as side lift, rear lift, swivel lift, rotary seat crane, lowering suspension and AMF-BRUNS electrical step

Tel: 078 742 2842   Fax: 0866 565623  


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