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Short Title: Automotive Reconditioning Services : Suspension & Steering.

The links listed on this page have been indexed under Automotive Reconditioning Services - Suspension & Steering and relates to:-
Specialists in the repair and reconditioning of power stering pumps, streeing racks, springs and suspension components, supply or manufacture of polyurethane bushes for suspension components.

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This page contains the links that we have indexed under Wholesalers & Trade Suppliers | Plastic & Rubber moulded parts and relates to the suppliers of rubber mouldings, engine and gearbox mountings, suspension bushes and similar products.

Camil Suspensions

Don't replace your shocks - replace it with a Camil Suspension System. Experience the stability, ride quality and load carrying ability of this system that was designed, tested and manufactured in South Africa for Africa.

Driveshaft Centre

Driveshaft Centre, South Africa's premier CV joint, Driveshafts and Steering Rack fitment centre .

Supplying and fitting the highest quality parts, approved by our 'ISO 9001' International Rating. We specialise in CV Joints, Steering Racks, Wheel Alignment and Shock Absorbers and supply and fit additional range of motor vehicle parts for all makes of car.

Tel: 021 551 3252  


When your suspension knocks, the vehicle wanders, and/or there's a lot of play in the steering, call us for an examination and possible repair - much more economical than the replacement route.

Supreme Spring

Supreme is capable of designing, developing and manufacturing specialised torsion and stabiliser bars as well as other related products. Typical of these are the Dynamic Ride Control bars supplied to Delphi for use on the Range Rover.

E. Cape
Revolution Steering Speciaslists - Port Elizabeth

Supply and fit of new and reconditioned power steering racks, pumps and boxes.
Supply and fit of new and reconditioned manual components.
Make up of hydraulic and return hoses.
All suspension repairs.
Complete wheel alignment consisting of rectifying of castors, cambers and toe-in.
General vehicle repairs i.e. vehicle services, brake overhauls, clutch overhauls etc.

Springwell - Port Elizabeth

Based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa Springwell is the largest spring manufacturing company in the area. We manufacture and repair all types of leaf springs for all types of vehicles. We also raise, lower and strengthen leaf spring stacks for different applications.

Canadian House - Krugersdorp

Established in 1970, we are a specialised workshop for the repair of steering/power steering racks, pumps and boxes, we do also the reconditioning of cv joints, side and drive shafts and repairs on front suspension, replacement of ball joints, tie rod ends, wheel bearings, control arms, saddles, shocks, etc.

Tel: 011 953 1160   Fax: 011 953 2525  

Sportsvans SA MAD Suspension Systems

MAD Power Springs, airbag suspension, fitted inside the original coilspring or as stand alone systems to assist and improve handling and load carrying capacity of vehicle.

All Manufacturers safety and vehicle stability programs remain intact and operational for your safety and comfort.

Suspension upgrade for Mobil Homes, reduces the bodyroll and increase stability on bad roads or wind blow from passing Trucks. Ideal also for freight carriers with high center of gravity.

Tel: 078 742 2842   Fax: 0866 565623  

Steering & Suspension Fitment Centre (SSFC)

A combined experience of 14 years of fitting Steering, fitting supensions, fixing powersteerings and all the other small problems that can acure with a cars undercarrage;
We’ve build the knowledge of finding the problem and fixing it right, the first time.

Tel: (011) 781-4314   Fax: (011) 781-4315  


Giving your SUV, 4x4, 4x2 or Bakkie's suspension lift, stability and comfort has never been easier. Whether you are looking, to raise your suspension, stabilise your ride, improve comfort, and improve carrying capacity or simply to improve towing capabilities SuperSprings is designed to deliver all your suspension requirements. Due to SuperSprings' tapered shape it knows what to do and when to do it. SuperSprings have been successfully supplying the Motoring Industry for the past ten years.

Syd's Suspension Parts - Pretoria

Syd's Suspension Parts offers the following services:
Suspension Parts, Engine Mountings, Steering Racks, Rack and Pinion
Ball Joints, Tie Rods Ends, King Pins, Stabilizer Pins, Drag Links
Coil Springs, CV Joints, Suspension Lower Kits, Idler Arms
Rubber Bushes, Shock Absorbers
Wheel Alignment

Wingate brake and steering centre

With over four decades of experience and know-how, has become one of South Africa's largest independent suppliers and re-manufacturers of brake and steering parts, assemblies and accessories for the automotive parts market and the Original Equipment Market.

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Geary Suspension Centre C.C.

Coil Spring and Leaf Spring Manufacturers, Spring Accessories and Agricultural Blades South Africa
We have recently brought out new lowering spring kits to pump up the performance on a vehicle. We supply them loose or fitted. They come with a Lifetime Guarantee to the first owner. Prices are available on request.

Hillcrest Marketing SA - Durban

Manufacturers of polyurethane bushings for the aftermarket

Powerbrake and Steering International - Pinetown

Specialize in the repair and reconditioning of:
Power steering units
manual and power steering racks
manual and power steering boxes
power steering pumps
hydraulic units such as orbitrol valves and hydraulic rams

Tel: 031 7025511  

Springrite cc - New Germany

We manufacture and repair leaf springs for trucks, buses and automobiles. We are able to carry out all modifications according to your specific needs.
Our automotive coil springs are manufactured from quality spring steel ground bar and are heavy duty. They are electrically heat treated, scragged and load tested and are guaranteed.

Tel: 031 705 3515   Fax: 031 705 3299  

Leaf Spring Support
Roadmaster Active Suspension System

Roadmaster Active Suspension

There is a need to support the leafspring of vehicles that are subject to high loads, such as 10 or 16 seater minibus vans, LCV trucks, panel vans, pickups, motor homes, certain trailers, and passenger cars with leafspring suspension at the rear.

From a quarter ton Pay Load to a Max 5500 GVM.

Tel: 021 5543848   Fax: 0866 887 239  

N4 Suspension & Steering - Nelspruit

N4 Suspension & Steering specialises in identifying problems such as Suspensions, Steering, Alignment, Wheel bearing and Brakes. We don't just change all parts and hope your problem will be solved, but have specialised tooling and equipment to check and repair your vehicle - we find the problem and eliminate it for you once and for all!

Tel: 082 780 4859   Fax: 013 7554623  

North-west Province
Gearbox Services- Klerksdorp

Repair power steering pumps and units. All work are guaranteed & backed through 35 years of experience & training.

Tel: 018-462 2912   Fax: 018-462 4587  

W. Cape
1st Alignment Centre - Bellville

Wheel Alignment, Tyres & Suspension.
Special modifications can be done to all motor car, recreational vehicle and 4x4 suspensions.
Suspension components include:
Ironman, Old Man Emu, Monroe, Gabriel, Armstrong, Pro Comp - Brooklyn, Cape Province

4x4 / Bakkies / Cars – Airsprings and Accessories
Air Active Air Helper Suspension kits
ViAir Air Tanks, Compressors & Accessories
Fittings & Accessories

Tel: 021 511 4615  

Andre's Rubber Supplies CC

Custom remould engine and gearbox mountings, suspension bushes, couplings and other parts in polyurethane using the old metal parts. These can also be remoulded in bright colours.

Tel: 021 558 0548   Fax: 021 558 0548  

Campwell Springs

Drive Align - Wynberg & Tokia, Cape

Cape Town based automotive specialist. CV joints, Propshafts, Wheel alignment, Wheel Bearings, Suspension Parts, Steering racks etc. Wynberg - 021 761 4010 Tokia - 021 712 9606

Tel: (021) 761 4010/1   Fax: (021) 762 2755  

Saayman's Spring works - Bellville

Customised 4X4 suspensions Truck and Trailer suspensions

Tel: 021 946 3175   Fax: 021 946 1659  

Suspension City - Maitland

Forget the rest we’re the best! Chassis repairs ... Complete suspension rebuilds . 4-wheel alignment Race car suspension specialist

Tyger Fitment Express

Shocks, Mountings, Springs, Dust Covers
Lower control arms, Ball Joints & Bushes, Steering racks, Rack ends, Boots, Tie rod ends
Caliper Services

Tel: 021 910 1009   Fax: 021 910 1007  

Wheel 'n Steel - Bellville

Wheel 'n Steel Bellville provides this service to ensure the safety and reliability of your car, by using quality and proven products and workmanship of the highest quality.

Wheel 'n Steel Bellville has proudly provided the services of a fitment centre since 1994, and has since developed the capacity to perform a great range of services, including -

Servicing of vehicles
Mechanical work, such as top overhauls, brakes, shocks, clutch and gearbox
Suspension work, such as ball joints, cv shafts, steering columns, wheel alignment and balancing

Tel: (021) 9492667   Fax: (021) 949 2669  


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