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Short Title: Automotive Reconditioning Services : Mag Wheel Reconditioning.

The links listed on this page have been indexed under Automotive Reconditioning Services - Mag Wheel Reconditioning and relates to:-
South African businesses that specialise in the refurbishing, repair and reconditioning of aluminum mag and steel wheel rims. Some of which also undertake the sand blasting and repainting of steel wheel rims and trade in second-hand mag rims.

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This section includes mainly importers and local specialist distributors of of mag and alloy wheels and some dealers in second hand mag rims and tyres.

E. Cape
Rimrite - Port Elizabeth

RIMRITE is a specialised business in North End, Port Elizabeth who are dedicated to the repairing of aluminium wheels. The business RIMRITE has been trading since 1989. With 22 years of experience in the repair of rims and mag wheels.

Tel: 041 484 6111   Fax:  

Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists (AWRS)

Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists (AWRS) is a leading provider of mobile mag repair for wholesale and retail businesses.
Branches in Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging, East Rand

Auto Saloon - Randburg

our ECO-FRIEND Auto Body repair shop offering Auto Body repairs, Mag Wheel repairs, Vehicle Matte wrapping & Eco-Detailing.

Dynamic Mag Repairs - Kempton Park

DYNAMIC MAG REPAIRS has got a fully equipped workshop where all work gets done on site under owner supervision.

Our services include straightening, polishing, painting and technical modifications.

Tel: 082 652 8139  

Hi-Tech Mag Repairs - Alrode South

Mag Doctor - Marlboro

Alloy wheels, in original condition may produce admiring glances, Unfortunately, the 'kerb' damage, which they all too easiliy sustain, soon spoils this.

The solution offered by traditionally repair methods are not only costly, but also very time consuming

Tel: 011 444 644   Fax: 011 444 6448  

Magwheel Surgeon - Robertsham

Much of the equipment we use have been designed and developed by us in our endeavour to provide quality workmanship in a growing field in the motor industry.

We strive at all times to maintain a high standard of quality and safety in our trade.

We also offer our customers a wide selection of new and refurbished magwheels

Tel: 011-680-8207   Fax: 011-433-3111  

Mobile Mag Medic - Edenvale

Mobile Mag Medic is the only onsite mag repair service in South Africa. Mobile Mag medic prides itself on the quick and convenient service that we offer to Insurance Companies, Motor Dealers and the public alike. At Mobile Mag Medic we pride ourselves on being a super convenient service at home, your office or at the motor dealership saving you time and money.

Contact : Alan - 083 229 0204
Anthoni - 082 496 1040

Re-nu-a-Mag - Edenvale

Re-nu-a-Mag can repair everything from a curb damaged aluminum alloy wheel rim on a 1960 Chevy to a bent wheel on a Porsche. Our forte is refinishing specialized surfaces such as Diamond Facing, Chrome Paint, Hyper Silver and Mirror Buffing.

Tel: (011) 452 6256  

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Mag-Rep - Margate

Wheel Rim Repairs & Fitment Centre
Mag-Rep repair all makes of alloy and steel rims at a fraction of the cost of a new rim.
Are also an official Nankang Dealer for KZN and the South Coast.


Rims-4-Africa has three branches in Kwa-Zulu (Chatsworth, Phoenix, Port Shepstone) and specialises in rims (steel and alloy) and tyres. We specialise in repairing allow rims (mag rims) and deal / trade in unwanted steel rims. We also purchase most used tyres in reasonable condition. If you are looking for a spare wheel for your car, try us, and we are more likely to help you than most other firms around.

Kwazulu Natal
Wheelcrafters - Gary's Mag Wheel Repairs - Durban

Wheelcrafters specialises in the refurbishing, repair and sales of 2nd hand mag wheels for Panelbeaters, tyre shops and individuals.
We specialise in the straightening, polishing and modifying of mag wheels, as well as PCD changes and manufacturing adaptor plates to most makes of cars.

Rim Repair House - Polokwane

Straighte mag rims, refurbish mag rims, polish mag rims, weld mag rims, respray mag rims, repair mag rims, repair and refurbish mag rims for resale.

Tel: 072-1547576  

Centurion Mag Repairs - Pretoria

Centurion Mag Repairs specializes in the refurbishing of aluminium and steel wheels and the repair of mag wheels.

Mag Repairs & Sales - Pretoria

Not only do we sell refurbished mag wheels, we also refurbish & repair your old ones. We specialise in: Repairing of bent and Buckled Mags/Rims , Refurbishing of old Mags to showroom condition, High polishing of Car and Bike mags, Customising of all mag wheels, PCD Changes, Repairing of damaged nut holes, wheel Balancing Low and High speed etc

Tel: 012-800-3748  

TMS - Centurion

Specialise in the refurbishment and customising of alloy or steel rims using Powder Coating techniques adopted from European methods, mastered by our highly experienced technicians and brought to South Africa to ensure a top quality product.

Tel: 012 - 6538108  

W. Cape
MagMaster - Montague Gardens

MagMaster specialises in the professional refurbishing of all size aluminum and steel wheels, and the repair of all size mag wheels.

Tel: 021 5515180   Fax: 021 551 6039  

Magworkshop - Paarden Eiland

The Magworkshop repairs and refurbishes all mag wheels to new condition.

Wheel Fix It - Bellvile

Customized refurbishing paintwork from a mat to Chrome finishes Repair and welding of damaged Aluminum rims

Link to Facebook page.  

Wheel Service Centre - Bellville

Our wheel repair are very accurately done, without damaging wheel structure, and still offered at best prices to customers. You are welcome to compare our prices to that of our competitors and you will find that their quality does not even remotely match ours. Tel: 021 930 0453 / 4 Fax: 021 930 0456

Tel: 021 930 0453 / 4   Fax: 021 930 0456  

Wheel Worx - Cape Town

Wheelworx is a professional wheel repair and refurbishment service based in Cape Town. It is run by founder and owner, Zaki Hendricks, a well-known figure in the Cape Town car performance and racing world.

Wheelmaster - Ottery

Wheel repairs, restoration, refurbishments well as general mechanical services are the mainstay of the companies activity. - See more at:

Tel: 021 703 8636  


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