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Short Title: Automotive Reconditioning Services : Engines.

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Automotive engineering firms that specialise in the complete engine reconditioning, rebuilding and remanufacture for cars, 4 x 4, SUV's bakkies etc. and are presented by Province.

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Remtec is South Africa's leading remanufacturer of petrol and diesel engines for light commercial and passenger vehicles.

Steve's Auto Clinic

When rebuilding a engine at SAC, we use only the best parts and automotive engineers in the business and are therefore not afraid to back our work with a warranty of 6 months/20 000kms after which we won't run away or close the doors in the event of a claim.

E. Cape
MyPE Home - Engine rebuilder

Country Car Engines - Midrand

Specialising in British, German & American Ford Petrol Engines * Reconditioned engines (guaranteed 12 months/20 000 km) * Rebuilt used engines (guaranteed 6 months/10 000 km) * Complete V6 and V8 engines for conversions * Specially built engines for towing and performance (not racing) * Mechanical restorations on selected old Fords * New and used engine parts available * Rebuilt used V8 auto transmissions * Repairs to Auto Transmissions

Crankweld Industries - Booysens

Crankweld Industries has served the Rail and Automotive industries for the past 25 years.
Crankweld Industries has a ISO 9001: 2000 accreditation No.Ls 3414 which they received in October 2004

Dynamic Balancing (Pty) Ltd - Edenvale

Balancing of Crankshafts and moment and match weighing of connecting rods and pistons for:
4, 5, 6 cylinder V6, V8 and V12 Engines.
All types of Drag Motors from big V8’s to fiat Uno’s.
All top Circuit Race Teams from modified V8’s to the smaller group N runners and Classic’s.
Off Road Racing Teams I.E Nissan’s Dakar Vehicles.
Motorcycles, latest Super bikes – Hyabusa’s, Ducatis, Harley’s to old classics like Norton’s, Triumph’s, BSA, Velocette and Indian.
Quads, Go-Carts, Jet Ski’s and Boat propellers.
Truck and earth moving cranks for 4 cyl, V6, 8, 10, 12 & 16 engines.
Marine and Locomotive cranks up to a max of 4 tons.

J.R. Mackays Diesel & Motor Engineering - Springs

J.R. Mackays Diesel & Motor Engineering began its operation in 1946 and has developed into a modern up to date Automotive Machine Shop with specialized machinery for crankshaft grinding, reboring, lineboring, surface grinding, connecting rod resizing, cylinderhead remachining, complete engine rebuilding, assembling and dynamometer testing.

JCR Motor Engineering - Vereeniging

Welcome to the world of Motor Engineering. Everything you need to know. Online Applications, what we do and much more...
We specialize only in quality parts. AE, Payen, KS and Genuine Parts.

VIVA Automotive Engineering (Pty) Ltd - Springs

Our Service offers crankshaft grinding; line boring; reconditioning of conrods and cylinder heads; surface grinding; crack detecting and pressure testing. Other available service include the complete overhaul of any petrol or diesel engine with dyno testing and guarentee.
We are able to recondition Injector pumps and injectors all in-house. This enhancement includes the reconditioning and testing of electronic fuel systems.

Van Rensburg Engineering Works (Pty) Ltd - Olifantsfontein

Bosch sophisticated diagnostic equipment and our expertly trained techicians are ready for the challenge. Bosch car and truck service centre Fair price and best advice for all vehicles.

Vee Motors - Malvern

Reconditioned engines for VW (Beetle, Golf), Audi and Passat

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Eagleharm Engineering - Durban

Complete engine overhauls
Reboring of engine blocks
Crankshaft grinding
Resizing of conrods
Cylinder head overhauls
Lineboring of engine blocks
Resleeving of engine blocks
Resleeving of compressor barrels

N. Cape
ABCO Engineering (PTY) LTD

Abco engineering specialists in mining and automotive engineering parts and spares. Mining equipment, industrial motors and industrial spares. Mining spares and mine equipment and spares.

ABCO ENGINEERING has been rebuilding engines in the Namaqualand area since 1965. A modern workshop and machine shop with trained specialists in the engine remanufacturing field and machining standards guarantee a superior end product to the quality conscious customer.

W. Cape
Automotive Dynamix - Brackenfell

New large workshop premises, equipped with state of the art machinery, applying latest world class technology, techniques, tools and equipment.
We service and recondition all diesel and petrol engines ie. car , truck , bus or tractor so contact us now.

Crankshaft Rebuilding Centre - Cape Town

Specialists in: Crankshaft rebuilding (Journals, Roller Shafts, Pump Shafts, Rotors, etc.) Crankshaft Grinding, Crack Detecting, Nose-end Repairs, Straightening and Balancing.
Engine Block Rebore and Resleeve, Engine Sub-Assembly and Complete Engine Overhauls.

Engine & Gearbox Exchange cc - Epping

Our workshop, situated in Epping Industria II, Cape Town, offers the following services:
Service & maintenance of all types of vehicles
Reconditioning of engines, gearboxes & differentials

Our customer relation services include:
Collecting & delivering of vehicles or exchange units
We strip & quote on all units before commencing work

Goch and Cooper Auto Services - Brackenfell

A master Automotive Engineer who has worked for some of the top performance and vehicle servicing companies in SA; a Successful Business man whose main focus is customer service and who also happens to own a 1200 horse power Lumina; qualified experienced mechanics who have a passion for the trade and a Certified Uni Q installer (latest unichip software). If these guys were running a workshop, would you take your car to them for a service or conversion?


Harkers Automotive cc - Brackenfell

Harkers Automotive specializes in the reconditioning of petrol/diesel engines of motor vehicles, trucks, forklifts and earth-moving equipment. We also do machine work on cylinder heads, crankshafts, connecting rods and cylinder blocks for all makes of engines.

Motor Masters - Bellville

A highly qualified team who can assist you with your engineering / machining, servicing and general repair. We are also members of the RMI (Retail Motor Industries organisation) group and ERA (Engine re-manufacturers Association).

Northern Motor Engineers - Bellville

Northern Motor Engineers specialises in the machining and remanufacturing of all diesel and petrol engines.
>br> The fundamental objective of NME is to provide a product and service that exceeds the quality expected by the customer. We are committed to providing excellent workmanship, outstanding customer service, and integrity in business relationships.

Strand Precision Motor Engineers - Strand

Strand Precision Motor Engineers have over 30 years experince in conditioning a wide range of petrol and diesel engines. Our "state of the art" equipment can handle the largest of engine assemblies and machining precisely to manufacturer's specifications. We provide the complete solution to your automotive engine reconditioning needs.

Tygerberg Engine Rebuilders - CPT

Tygerberg Engine Rebuilders was established in 1991 by husband and wife team, Thys and Belinda van Eck. After a humble beginning using a double garage at our home, we moved into a 100 m 2 workshop within 3 months from start. 3 Months later we acquired an extra 200 m 2 just to run out of space again a year later. After another move we decided in 1995 to build our own factory to suit our needs.


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