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Short Title: Automotive Reconditioning Services : Brake & Clutch.

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Links related to specialists who repair, remanufacture brake and clutch parts, such as master and slave cylinders, including cylinder resleeving.

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More Info : The truth about dual-mass flywheels

Unfortunately, the DMFs on some vehicles are not as robust as they should be. Recently, within one week we had three readers complaining about these units failing at mileages below 100 000 km. In the first case, one of the circumferential springs had broken, but in the other two cases the driven plates were worn out. All three vehicles were outside the warranty time period, so their owners had to pay in excess of R20 000 to have the complete DMF unit replaced. It seems that repairs to these units are not allowed, or are not feasible due to the parts not being available. .....Read More and follow the link.

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Astro Brake and Clutch - Boksburg

Astro Brake and Clutch is an "AA QUALITY ASSURED BRAKE AND CLUTCH FITMENT CENTRE" the first in South Africa. Recently, we have been appointed a "LUK APPROVED CLUTCH FITMENT CENTRE" . We are situated 10 minutes from Johannesburg International Airport and have been in operation since 1999. Astro Brake and Clutch specializes in the fitment of brakes and clutches for passenger and light commercial vehicles.

Tel: (011) 826-7000  

Powerpipes - Sport Clutch Kits

Sport Clutch Kits
Is your ride making a lot of power, but you just can't seem to get that power to the ground, 'cause your clutch keeps slipping? Well, don't despair, 'cause we have the right racing clutch for you. We have 4 & 6 button racing clutches to suit your power demands. So, pop in and lets get that ride to reach for those 1/4 mile times! We also do major/minor gearbox repairs.

Tel: 011 832 1291/2/3  

Precision Race Technologies - Kempton Park

Clutchnet - Street and Racing Clutch Plates
ClutchNet manufacturers a wide range of application specific clutch plates, to suit every application possible. Clutch plates range from sprung hubs using Kevlar, Copper, and Fibre Carbon, to solid hubs with 3, 4 and 6 ceramic pucks as well as sintered copper pucks.

Wingate brake and steering centre

With over four decades of experience and know-how, has become one of South Africa's largest independent suppliers and re-manufacturers of brake and steering parts, assemblies and accessories for the automotive parts market and the Original Equipment Market.

Brake & Clutch Specialists - Pinetown

Specialists in all brakes for all makes! Old and new - vintage/classic/modern. At Brake & Clutch Specialists, we stock & repair all Brake & Clutch components. We are both clutch importers & rebuilders.

Limpopo Province
RCA Clutch & Brake Specialists - Polokwane (Pietersburg)

Pietersburg Branch is the holder of a Franchise for Silverton Radiators

53 N / Mandela Laan
Posbus 1073

Tel: (015) 292 1238  

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Auto-Station - Bellville

Major and minor car services
All vehicle services and scheduled maintenance
CV Joints, Drive shafts, Ball joints and Suspensions work
Brake & Clutch repairs
Comprehensive engine repair
Steering racks manuel & power
Differentials shafts

Mobi Skim - Parow

Full clutch replacement service for all makes and models
Supply and fit luk clutch kits
Flywheels skimmed
Supply all brake pads, brake shoes, skim brake drums.
Supply fit and overhaul brake master cylinders and wheel cylinders

Tel: 021 9396107   Fax: 021 9396129  

West Coast Clutch and Brake - Montague Gardens

West Coast Clutch and Brake - Montague Gardens

Services include machinig of drums, discs, and flywheels. Reseleeving of all cylinders and Hydraulics. Also Under take custom work. Offer collection and delivery of Spares for trade customers. Contact owner : Errol Truter Click link to Digicard


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