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Short Title: Performance parts : Ignition Coils, Accessories, Electronics and Gauges.

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Blue Thunder High Performance Products

Distributors of :-
Blue THunder Ultra Coil
Plug Wire
Ultra Spark Plug

Suitable For All Types Of Vehicles- Standard & Modified
Authorized Distributors are listed.

Fsquare Vehicle Technologies - Durban

Ignition Coils Dry Coils
Fuel Pumps Electronic Fuel Pumps
Ignition Modules Ignition Modules
Diagnostics Diagnostic Equipment
Image Guide Scopes

Lucas Super Coil

We are producing two types of Electronic Ignition Coils to suite the market and demanding conditions in this country. They can both be used as replacement parts for most vehicles, and are guaranteed to provide the best performance and product life. We have found that in most cases they are better than original oe coils, and are better than all the aftermarket ones tested. This all means that when you purchase a Lucas Super Coil, you are getting the best value for money!
Type R gold coil - racing and high performance applications.
The “stock” silver coil is the perfect replacement for most vehicles.

Time Access & Automotive Systems - Gauteng

Specialize in automotive instruments for cars or vehicles, marine instruments for boats and ships and a broad range of industrial instruments for the electrical or mechanical industry. We carry a full range of auto electrical products such as speedometers, rev counters, VDO products and other instrumentation associated with the automotive, industrial and marine industry.

Turbo Logix

Turbo Logix was established in 2001 to provide monitor equipment for turbo or nitro performance vehicles. Brances in South Africa as well as the United Kingdom.
Air Fuel Ratio and Exhaust Gas Temperature and Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauges


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