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Short Title: Performance parts : Chips & EFI Management.

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Automotive Performance Components - Pretoria

The official local and worldwide distributor of Spitronics Engine Managements.

BlueArc Ecu fuel management systems - Pretoria

Fuel management system.
Small Planes, Cars, Motorcycles, Speed Boats, Mini Buses
Works with petrol engines only (Diesel coming soon)

Injector Options – trimming per cylinder (cam home required)
Full Sequential. Depending on number of cylinders.
Semi-Sequential. Depending on number of cylinders.
Full Sequential plus Auxiliary injections. Depending on number of cylinders.
Semi-Sequential plus Auxiliary injections. Depending on number of cylinders.
Batch Fire – ignition divided by 2, for every second ignition event all injectors are fired at once.

Dastek's Unichip

The UNICHIP gives the properly trained technician full control over the timing and mixture functions of most electronically controlled vehicles. Not only can mixtures and timing be set, but also it can be set under various load and RPM conditions. This gives one the ability to optimise the vehicle for economy under light load conditions and set it up for optimum performance under full-throttle conditions.

Dicktator - Engine Management System

The only locally produced engine management system with full 3D interpolation with micro second fuel control.

Developed by Graham Susman and Chris Dicks
Installers \ Dealers are listed.

Gotech Engine Management Systems - Germiston

We as Gotech is a company that specializes in the Designing, manufacturing and the distribution of our own Engine Control Units (ECU) and their accessories. These accessories include Wiring harnesses, state of the art Software and User Manuals etc. This far we have created many unparalleled high performance ECU’s which includes the Gotech MFI, Gotech MFI X and Gotech MFI PRO. Our Latest and Most Powerful ECU the Gotech MFI PRO-X is our greatest victory in Engine Management, and is able to give full Sequential Fuel and Ignition control to your engine.

Haltech Engine Mangement Systems.

The ulimate ECU for drag, race to street use. Local South African Distributors.

Perfect Power

A Stand-Alone engine management system, replaces the engine's existing, original or stock ECU.
The ECU in an electronically fuel injected engine, is the brain which controls the engine: it decides when the ignition should be fired and also how much fuel to add in.
Perfect Power offers a range of Stand-Alone products for different applications.

Powermods cc - Johannesburg

Powermods is a local developed ECU.
Developed and manufactured by Domingos de Carvalho.

Revo Performance \ VAG Technik

The only Official Revo Tuning Specialist in Southern Africa. Revo Performance specializes in software and hardware upgrades for various vehicles. Our signature high performance ECU upgrades are quick, easy and suit your driving style.

Rotary Racing

Agent for Microtech Fuel and Management Systems from Australia.
Agent for Turbo Smart Performance products from Australia as well as Split Fire meters products from the U.S.A.

Spitronics Micro Ignitions - Pretoria

Spitronics is a design company that specialise in electronic and mechanical designs. Their main product is After Market Engine Management Systems.
Spitronics has a full time, in house Research and Development Team that consists of software, hardware, firmware and research engineers. They constantly design new products and upgrade existing ones. This ensures the end user of the latest technology.

Also have:
Transmission control units
High Performance Coils
Spares & Accessories


Sportech is the South African leader in creative body styling, engine upgrades, sport suspension packages and bumper-to-bumper restorations of classic muscle cars. We also specialise in engine management computer upgrades for Audi, Mercedes-Benz, VW and Porsche, using software perfected by APR Tuning in the USA. We have outlets in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town.


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