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Short Title: Performance Services : Superchargers.

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Alpine Developments - Honeydew

Alpine in conjunction with PSI manufacturing CC in 2008 got the rights to use Rotrex superchargers. We believe these superchargers are the way forward with unmatched performance and reliability.

From 2000 to 2007 Alpine used only Eaton Superchargers, the only OE approved supercharger system available today as used by Ford, Pontiac, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Jaguar, Aston Martin and Buick.

Fastcar Performance - New Germany

A fully equipped Workshop is available for general servicing and maintenance. The Engineering Department caters for a wide spectrum of in-house machining: from gas-flowed cylinder heads to valve pocketing of pistons, adjustable vernier cam gears, knife-edging of crankshafts, cross-drilled brake discs, to name but a few.

Infinitas - Bavarian Superchargers

infinitas only uses high quality ASA superchargers with the kits. From the entry level SKPlus kit (that could be installed at home), right through to the SK2 kit, all have been tried and tested, with thousands being sold in Europe alone. Cape - Alspeed Racing Technologies (021) 697-1920 KZN - FS Auto (031) 579-5099

RG Motorsport

Vortech superchargers systems are developed to achieve maximum performance, efficiency, and durability. Impellers are investment cast from a lightweight proprietary aluminum alloy, heat treated, CNC machined to exact tolerances, and high speed balanced to ensure smooth operation.


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