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Short Title: Accessories - Trailer manufacturers : Eastern Cape.

Links 3 listed on this page. have been indexed under Accessories - Trailer manufacturers - Eastern Cape and relates to:-Manufacturers and distributors of trailers, in the Eastern Cape area, that range from 4 x 4, off-road, campers, luggage, horse boxes, utility, boat, quad, bike and custom built trailers, and are arranged by type.
See the index to this section for other Provinces and Trailer manufactures who have National dealer networks.
You are here :- Car Directory > Parts & Accessories > Accessories - Trailer manufacturers > Eastern Cape

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Getaway Trailers - East London

Getaway Trailers was established in 1992 as a facility for the manufacture, repair and hire of a variety of different trailers. Innovative businessman, Craig Kaiser, has created a number of previously unseen designs and is able to customize trailers to suit the client's needs.

Sunpacer Marketing - PE

Simply the best horsebox
25 years service and experience
All steel, fully galvanised, non-rusting structure
Excellent towing
Two berth Sunpacer Standard
Two berth Sunpacer Hi Roof
Two berth Sunpacer Jumbo
Three berth Sunpacer


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Last update : 25/02/18