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Short Title: Accessories - Auto Styling : Moulded parts.

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Manufacturers and suppliers of moulded automotive styling parts and body parts, manufactured in fibreglass, Carbon fibre, Kevlar, and Glass fibre. Part range include spoilers, bonnets, vents, fenders, airboxes and other show parts for vehciles such as COBRA, CORVETTE, PONTIAC, PORSCHE, 350Z, Golf , Honda, BMW etc

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Auto Composites & Design.

Aftermarket spoiler, kit designer and manufacturer, Auto Composites and Design (ACD), was formed in 1990 when MD Mario Nardini manufactured his first car-kit. The company has since manufactured car-kits for several car companies, including Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota (parts and accessories division), Volkswagen and Yokohama. However, Nardini also manufactures kits for other types of cars that are readily available to the public.

CARBON SPORT Performance Concept

Providing the market with to top quality carbon fiber aftermarket styling part and performance parts, we source only the best carbon-fiber parts from all over the world

Carbon Fibre Parts

Our aim is to satisfy our clients with outstanding quality, performance and commitment on custom work that we can do In the motor Industry - Carbon fiber reinforced polymer is used extensively in high end automobile racing. The high cost of carbon fiber is mitigated by the material's unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratio, and low weight is essential for high-performance automobile racing.

We are able to do any customization work you prever.

Composite Evolution - Centurion

CARBON FIBRE Manufacture light weight composite body parts for all makes and models vehicles. Our body styling for rally cars are done to customer requirements. Parts get manufactured from structural light weight carbon fibre, woven glass fabrics and aramids(kevlar) with epoxy resins. We've perfected our vacuum resin infusion process to minimize labour cost, thus our parts are affordable.

Custom Works Composite Engineering

Custom Works Composite Engineering has more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of high tech components for the aircraft & oil industries, hobbies & sport (Aviation, Water sport, Motor sport.)
Structural components or real carbon fiber cover and repairs for dashboards, rims, wings, bumpers, fairings, exhausts, bicycles, motorbikes, racing cars, custom kit car components, windsurfers, kite and wakeboards etc.

Exclusive Conversion

We are associated with Abbot Cars, R & D Motor Sport, Carrera Motors, Classic Connection and M & R Motors. We pride ourselves in creating products of the highest quality which are authentic in every detail down to the colour scheme and decals, all of which are according to the factory specs. Exclusive Conversion manufactures composite body parts and panels for a large range of Porsches that are from yesteryear as well as many other makes and models.

Quality Composites - Pretoria

Quality Composites manufacture pattern moulds and carbon fibre parts for any make and models.
Carbon fibre is 3 times stronger and 7 times lighter that steel and therefore is the perfect alternative material for performance and durability in both the sound and motor industry.

See-Dat Motorstyle - Isando

The fiber glass manufacturing business was founded in 1994. In 2007 See-Dat took over and instantly began providing the market with a fresh new look of body kit designs, new product offerings and expanding its range monthly.

Street Stuff Fibreglass - Pretoria

Street Stuff Fibreglass specializes in fibreglass body kits, bumpers - front and rear, fenders For AUDI, BMW, CHEVROLET, COBRA, CORVETTE, FIAT, FORD, JEEP, MARAUDER, MAZDA, NISSAN, OPEL, PONTIAC, PORSCHE, TOYOTA, TRUCK, VOLKSWAGEN, VOLVO

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Raceline Online

Raceline accessories has been manufacturing fibreglass motorcar accessories since 1985. In 1995 we ventured out in importing motor car accessories from the far East. We now import from Europe, Far East Asia, South America & the USA.

Carbon Fibre Bonnets for :-
Golf 5 GTi
Hamann Style GTR bonnet Suitable for E46

Depots in
Vereeniging (016) 455 1270
Krugersdorp (011) 273 0780
Durban 082 468 7688
Cape Town, (021) 5105104
Nelspruit (013) 755 2997


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