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Short Title: Accessories - Sound, GPS and Cell : GPS.

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GRS Trading - Cape Town

Selecting a GPS
When selecting a GPS one has to ask the following questions:
Do I want maps on my GPS and if so do I want to upload maps from the various software packages?
Must the unit be portable or will it be fixed into a vehicle or boat?
Is screen size an issue?
Do I want a colour screen?
Must I be able to upload and down load info from my GPS.

In general if you want a GPS for navigating cities then look at the automotive range. These GPS units allow you to be instructed on screen and with audio prompts to a destination that you have programmed into the unit. They are easy to use with some having touch screens for easier access whilst driving.

Ram SA

Products to mount your cell phone, GPS, laptop, spotlight into or onto your car, airplane, boat, glider, motorcycle, quad etc


Using GPS devices, the Tracks4Africa (T4A) community when touring Africa do meticulous record keeping of their travels. From this huge repository of high quality GPS data we have created a super accurate GPS map called the T4A Map. But the T4A Map is more than that, it is the collective navigational experience of the T4A community over the past 7 years. It shows Africa the way it is and how it is constantly changing. Click here for more informaton about Tracks4Africa’s maps.


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Last update : 25/02/18