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GPS Waypoints Garmin

Garmin equipment, GPS NEWS What is GPS?
Basic FAQ's
What to buy
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GARMAP provides accurate geographical data for all Garmin Map Enabled GPS Systems, which augments the information already on the basemap. With GARMAP, you can view existing waypoints, routes and tracks on the graphic map or quickly create new waypoints or routes. Garmap can also be loaded to your PC enabling you to quickly select maps and save them to your GPS unit, or a data card. Editing and managing your waypoints and routes is made easy with GARMAP.

Garmin International Inc

Garmin International Inc. is a member of the Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN) group of companies that designs, manufactures, and markets navigation and communications equipment for the aviation and consumer markets. Our products serve aviation, marine, automotive, wireless, OEM, and general recreation applications. Distributors in SA are listed

Ram SA

Products to mount your cell phone, GPS, laptop, spotlight into or onto your car, airplane, boat, glider, motorcycle, quad etc

Techshop - online

We promise to look after YOU our valued customer. New to GPS? Then try our guide and then download Garmin's begginers guide to GPS here. Know the features that you want from your GPS? Click here for our GPS selection page. Want to compare features? No better place than our GPS comparison page. Your GPS needs an upgrade or your software is out-of-sync with the times? Go right here. Need to sell your GPS? Techshop classifieds are for free. News on GPS or Garmin is just a click away. Want to know more about GPS and how it works? FAQ. Interested in the latest in new GPS products? We've got it for you.

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Using GPS devices, the Tracks4Africa (T4A) community when touring Africa do meticulous record keeping of their travels. From this huge repository of high quality GPS data we have created a super accurate GPS map called the T4A Map. But the T4A Map is more than that, it is the collective navigational experience of the T4A community over the past 7 years. It shows Africa the way it is and how it is constantly changing. Click here for more informaton about Tracks4Africa’s maps.


PCS-Bloemfontein is a supplier of the Bluetooth handsfree mirror in South Africa and Road Angel GPS Navigation.

ROAD ANGEL Navigator 6000 combines full South African street mapping with ROAD ANGEL, the No.1 safety camera & accident blackspot alert system.The only Navigation system you use for all your journeys - 2 Products in 1, Satellite Navigation with Road Angel safety alerts, or the Unique Road Angel only mode.

Tel: 084 417 4659   Fax: 051-4224861  

Cape Town
GPS World

We help with the installation of the software and if you are in the Cape Town area we will do it for you. We also advise you on the mounting possibilities in your vehicle and possible problems with certain vehicle makes and provide the solution for the problem. We can do your GPS setup and provide you with basic training so that you use your GPS.

Fax: 086 602 4360  

GRS Trading - Cape Town

Selecting a GPS
When selecting a GPS one has to ask the following questions:
Do I want maps on my GPS and if so do I want to upload maps from the various software packages?
Must the unit be portable or will it be fixed into a vehicle or boat?
Is screen size an issue?
Do I want a colour screen?
Must I be able to upload and down load info from my GPS.

In general if you want a GPS for navigating cities then look at the automotive range. These GPS units allow you to be instructed on screen and with audio prompts to a destination that you have programmed into the unit. They are easy to use with some having touch screens for easier access whilst driving.

Tel: 021 913-1262   Fax: 021 913-2709  

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Road Angel Navigator 6000

ROAD ANGEL NAVIGATOR 6000 - Full turn-by-turn GPS navigation system. 458 000 kilometers of navigable road coverage for South Africa. Approved by numerous vehicle manufacturers in South Africa for South Africa.

Gauteng - Pretoria
GPS Techshop - Pretoria

We promise to look after YOU our valued customer. New to GPS? Then try our guide and then download Garmin's begginers guide to GPS here. Know the features that you want from your GPS? Click here for our GPS selection page. Want to compare features?

Gismap GPS Shop - Pretoria

Talk to us and let us guide you through your decision making process. Your investment in purchasing a Garmin GPS from us is an investment in our extensive knowledge, our friendly and personal advice and our dedicated after sales service to our customers.

This website contains extremely good information on the use of GPS technology.

Tel: 012 3618300  

Kevin Bolton Consultants

Kevin Bolton Consultants focuses on Satellite Navigation in the specialist fields of Satellite Navigation Consulting and Training, GPS Mapping & Support, GPS Hire, GPS Sales, and any other Satellite Navigation related activity (eg Team Building)

Tel: (0)12 654 9813   Fax: 086 5146025  


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