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Short Title: Section Index : Accessories - Sound, GPS and Cell

These are other pages in this section, that we have indexed under Accessories - Sound, GPS and Cell and relates to audio or car sound parts and accessories or fitment centres that specialise in the fitment of these components. Also included in this section is GPS and Online Retailers of car sound equipment.

Bluetooth: SMAC - Smart Automotive Components

SMAC was formed as a aftermarket sales division of Cable Technique.
SMAC (SMart Automotive Components) is responsible for developing, sourcing and supplying new age technology to the aftermarket, mini OEM & installer sector.
SMAC provides the opportunity for Suppliers to bring products & new technologies to the SA market faster, through existing customer base.
SMAC has developed unique Automotive products with suppliers specifically for itís customers in accordance to SA market conditions & demands.

Brand Holders & wholesalers(11)


Car sound & other fitment centres(24)

Fitment centres that specialise in the fitment of audio or car sound systems and accessories, cellph...


Suppliers of GPS units such as Garmin and accessories. ...

Online Retailers(4)


Shows: Mobile Audio Grand Prix


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