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BB Autozone Fitment Centre - Edenvale

At the BB Autozone Fitment Centre the conversion takes only one hour. We supply the best quality HID (Xenon) products at the most competitive price, including lamps, ballasts and HID conversition kits.

Durban Boardsailing - Thule Southern Africa

Thule develops, manufactures and markets Car Rack Systems. Complete and functional transport solutions that let your vehicle expand to match your needs.

Our load carriers offer the "perfect fit" for more than 1500 models of cars and we produce a wide range of bike carriers, boxes, ski carriers water sport carriers and other accessories.

Product range includes Load Carriers, Bike Carriers , Roof Boxes , Ski Carriers , Water Sport , Carriers, Carrier Baskets , Special carriers etc

Electronic Rear View Monitor for Caravans

Electronic rear view monitor for caravans, motorhomes, trucks, busses, etc - online

Air Refresheners
Auto Specialty Parts
Cellphone / Device Holders
Cigarette Power Devices
Cigarette Powered Gadgets
Compass / Thermometer
Driving Aids
Flashing LED Car Decorations
FM Transmitters
Gadgets & Auto Parts
HID Headlamp Kits

Laser Protector - Laser Pro Park

The Laser Pro Park parking sensor uses the highest quality lasers and precision lenses in the industry! We use licence free 904nm technology.

Motorhome-World - mobile satellite systems

Alden manufactures satellite systems for caravans and motorhomes. This quality product is imported and distributed by Motorhome-World, Cape Town. Satellite dishes are very popular in Europe, and a multitude of manufacturers present similar products.

Park distance and Speedo Cruise systems

One will find that General Fitment Centres supply and fit Park Distance and Speedo Cruise systems. We have dealt with these links in a deiifent section, whcih can be reached by following this link.

Super Shades

Sun shade & fresh air for babies, children and pets. Deters smash and grabs. Cannot be removed by infants. Children cannot throw anything out of the car while the windows are open.


Thule develops, manufactures and markets Car Rack Systems. Complete and functional transport solutions that let your vehicle expand to match your needs.

Load Carriers
Bike Carriers
Roof Boxes
Ski Carriers
Water Sport Carriers
Carrier Baskets
Special carriers
Cargo Management

Whispbar - World's quietest roof racks

Being forced to listen to the whistle of your roof racks on a long road trip is not a pleasant experience. Relax, we’ve solved the problem with Whispbar. The amazing Whispbar is the world’s first truly quiet removable roof rack, making your journey much more enjoyable. Whispbar is so quiet you won’t even know it’s there.

Window Sox

WindowSox is available at only R390.00 per pair for all cars which includes VAT and Door Delivery within 48 hours of your order confirmation. Whether you are in Gauteng, Western Cape, KZN, Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga, Free State, North West, Limpopo, or Nothern Cape we will deliver at your door step fast. So what are you waiting for - buy your Window Sox™ today


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