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Short Title: 4X4 accessories : DC Power.

Links 11 listed on this page. have been indexed under 4X4 accessories - DC Power and relates to:-Links to suppliers of products such as solar panels, Battery Isolators, DC to DC Converter , DC to AC Inverters, Dual Battery Systems, Portable Dual Battery Unit, welder/charger systems, High Charge alternators, Special alternator regulators, Battery Isolators, and hot water generators etc.
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BushPower - Vorna Valley

BushPower is a company specializing in solar panels and power products in the 4x4 and outdoor leisure market or where an eco-friendly power solution is required.

Flexopower (Pty) Ltd - Lonehill

Flexopower (Pty) Ltd is based in South Africa, a country with an average of 300+ sunny days per year and the appropriate place to develop solar solutions. These solutions are portable, smart and work in the harshest environments. We offer off the shelf products as well as custom designed solar solutions.

Products include:-
The latest charging technologies,
ACDelco SMF (sealed maintenance free) Deep Cycle batteries suitable for solar, marine and RV.
Powerful, heavy duty portable solar panelS. Meets US MIL specifications. Ideal to recharge any suitable battery.

Godwin Auto Electrical - Montague Gardens

We at Godwin Auto Electrical install 4x4 Dual battery, split charging systems. The customizing of split charging systems can be done as well and fitted to the customers specification. Please call Godwin Auto Electrical on 021555 3559 or contact Stephen Godwin on 079 380 8558 for more information.

Mobilectric - Randpark Ridge

Starters, Alternators , Wiring , Spares
Batteries (Willard & Sabat) , Duel battery system , Aircon fridges made to order.
All automotive electrical work

National Luna - Edenvale

In the early 1990's, National Luna was very active in the solar market and rapid expansion was being made in the areas of low-cost housing and remote medical stations where no municipal electricity was available. One of the greatest demands at the time, was that of medical vaccine refrigeration which had to meet the very stringent World Health Organization's specifications.

P. B. Enterprises cc - Pretoria

P. B. Enterprises cc is a South African business, serving the Outdoor & Leisure market since 1995. We manufacture HIGH QUALITY Power Systems for the 4x4 enthusiast. We provide innovative power solutions for the outdoor market, with customer satisfaction as our first priority, giving all our customers only the best PRODUCTS, SERVICE & ADVICE, so that they will never run out of power on any trip in Africa!

- Dual Battery Systems (4x4 Vehicles)
- Fully Equipped Battery Boxes (Caravans, Trailers & Boats)
- Power Units & Battery Chargers (Caravans & Trailers)
- Solar- & Generator Power Solutions (Farms & Lodges)
- Monitoring Systems (Battery Capacity, Charging rate, Water tank level etc.)
- Customised Products (Special applications)

Plan MY Power - Johannesburg

PMP (Plan MY Power) offer a wide range of 4x4 vehicle power related accessories. These products cover the complete range of 4x4 power accessories, from all the options to generate power up to the point of recording and monitoring the power systems. Products included is, Unipower welder/charger systems, Power-Tek vehicle mount power systems, High Charge alternator, Special alternator regulators, Battery Isolator units for dual battery management systems, LINK 10 and LINK 20 battery monitor units, Solar panels, High frequency battery chargers.

Power Electronics c.c. - Edenglen

Power Electronics specialize in Manufacture and Distribution of UNIPOWER WELDER, UNIPOWER GENERATOR , UNIPOWER BATTERY BOOSTER and Power-TEK MOBILE POWER products , this Include High Charge alternators, special HIGH POWER ALTERNATORS, Solar Panels, alternator regulators and DC to AC Inverters.

Sinetech cc - Randburg

UPS System, Inverter & Battery Charger Specialists SINETECH has developed a comprehensive range of power related products to cater for all power conversion, power protection and power distribution requirements including products for renewable energy applications (solar systems).

Snomaster - Johannesburg

The Expedition range was designed for the individuals who donít have access to 220volt for long periods of time and thus the battery amperage draw is paramount. The unitís insulation has been increased to 70mm allowing for better maintenance of temperature and reduce the overall load on the power source.
Having such a variety of choices when deciding what 12/220volt fridge freezer best suits your needs, we have categorised the range to help make the selection easier.


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Kgalagadi Outdoor - Pretoria

Kgalagadi Outdoor stock only the best quality products and accessories for your outdoor and 4x4 adventures.
We supply and fit a range of 4x4 accessories, camping equipmtent, tents, dual battery systems, freezers and LED lights.


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