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Short Title: Indexed by Make \ Country : Porsche (new and used).

The links listed on this page have been indexed under Indexed by Make \ Country - Porsche (new and used) and relates to:-
Porsche parts specialists for the supply of new and used Porsche parts and spares, as well as links to our other pages that relate to the supply of replacements and used part specialists for Porsche in South Africa.
We have a separate section in which we link to dealer web sites.

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Porsche Planet / JB Racing - Guateng

JB Racing - New and used parts, classifieds, used vehicles, forum etc Porsche social network and discussion forum :- Porsche Planet.

More Info.
See Also: Porsche sevice specialists

Parts - New & Used
Dirk Matthee's Independent Porsche Parts - Bracken

Porsche cars stripping for spares.
New spares
Cars for sale . A number of LHD suiable for race track use.
Imports parts on request and will do all the required importing and documentation.

Pomona Parts - Edenvale

Pomona Performance Parts have been taken over / sold to AUTOCURE in Midrand. Pomona Performance Parts is the used Porsche spares business, that not only stocks but can help source used Porsche spares in South Africa. A strong working relationship with other local Porsche companies, has allowed us to be able to source parts from all over the country. Their Contact number is 011 3156592

Café 9 Motors

Café 9 Motors started racing in 1999 and have since become the most visible and a very successful Porsche motor sport and club racing outfit in South Africa. Our company and customers have collectively dominated the Porsche Club of South Africa time trial series and most other driving events, including the annual Porsche Parades.

Street Stuff Fibreglass cc - Pretoria

Fibreglass fenders, bonnets, rear wings, styling and conversion parts.


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