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Specialists in the supply of performance accessories, new and used car spares for Ford vehicles as well as specialists in the reconditioning of gearboxes and other major components for these vehicles, in South Africa.

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Steve Wyndham Racing

We are a South African based Company specialising in high-quality performance parts & kits for Ford vehicles.

V8world - South Africa - Sell&Swap

Welcome to our group, dedicated to Sale & Swap of New & Used, AMERICAN & AUSTRALIAN V8's & Parts only.

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Dreamscience - Ford Flash Tuning

Dreamscience flash tuning is a revolutionary way to maximize both the power and economy of your vehicle. In days gone by, your vehicle's performance was fixed and could only be enhanced by adding a chip to the engine’s computer or splicing a piggy-back into the wiring.
Available from :
Duigan Brothers
(Gauteng, KZN, Freestate, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West)

T: +27 012 345 1414


C21 Engineering
(Western, Eastern and Northern Cape)
T: +27 021 556 7083
M: +27 082 678 4759 (Sales)

Country Car Engines

Specialising in British, German & American Ford Petrol Engines

Rebuilt used engines (guaranteed 6 months/10 000 km) * Complete V6 and V8 engines for conversions * Specially built engines for towing and performance (not racing).

Duigan Brothers Ford Performance Parts

The Duigan Brothers have been involved in the Motor Industry for more that 16 years. Most of that time was spent at the Ford Motor Company in South Africa working on the implementation of almost all of the latest generation of Ford passenger cars including all of the current ST models. We thus have an intimate knowledge of the modern Ford.


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