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This page contains the links that we have indexed under Info, News, Clubs & Forums | Clubs - motoring, cars, classic, vintage and relates to automotive clubs, which we have arranged by make, class or activity as deemed suitable for the type of car club indexed. These include Motor Sport Circuits & Clubs, Clubs by activity, Clubs by vehicle make, Hot Rods & Sreet Rod Clubs, Sound and Performance, and Vintage and Classic Car Clubs.

African Muscle Cars - Forum

Have various muscle cars and parts available and wanted from time to time, which are advertised on the forum.

Cars for sale on SA Hot Rods

Nice clean restored or original condition muscle cars such as Mustang, Corvette, Camaro, Pontiac etc

Junk Mail - Classic Cars

Good seletion of old and classic cars.


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Last update : 15-10-2017