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This page last updated : 25/02/18

Short Title: Kit Cars, Reproductions & Dune Buggies : Dune Buggies and 2 seater sport ATV's.

Links 6 listed on this page. have been indexed under Kit Cars, Reproductions & Dune Buggies - Dune Buggies and 2 seater sport ATV's and relates to:-Two seater dune buggies, either in kit form or sold as manufactured units, which are generally powered by motorcycle engines, that are availbale for sales in South Africa. Includes some very high-powered buggies.
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All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's) South Africa

Help you decide what ATV is best suited to your ATV application. Once you know your budget then you will be able to determine which brand of ATV or size of ATV you can get. Having clarified your position with regards to ATVs you can start your investigation into the matter of buying either a new ATV or a used ATV.

The following models available,
90cc Double seat
90cc Single seat
150cc Double seat
150cc Single seat
175 Single seat
250 Double seat
250 Single seat

And the ultimate rush

G-Force Buggies

G-Force Buggies can be constructed using most motorcycle engines, making them capable of attaining speeds of over 200 km with acceleration speeds of 4 seconds from 0 to 100. This combined with excellent ground clearance makes it an awesome competitive off-road racing vehicle for the racing enthusiasts. Currently the G-Force Buggies are being used for security patrols, recreational use and racing competitions.

Pacer Leisure Vehicles SA - Melkbosstrand

Every model in the Pacer range has been designed and manufactured for commercial use, where reliability and safety are the first essential requirements. Electric and 5.5Hp to 25hp petrol two wheel drive carts suitable for off road use.

Sidewinder Dune Buggy - Cape Town

Build dune buggy that last from 125cc two stroke to 1300cc four stroke

Sportsride - Pretoria

An authorised agent of PGO Buggy, TGB Quad bikes, and TOMCAR in Southern Africa. Products are tested and approved by TUV, RDW, NRCS(SABS) EC and DOT/EPA. Our workshop is with the advanced and manufacturer's approved equipments to provide the most accurate service to our clients. After sale parts availability, service, and maintenance is our key to success !


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Last update : 25/02/18