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Short Title: Caravans and Campers : Manufacturers.

Links 16 listed on this page. have been indexed under Caravans and Campers - Manufacturers and relates to:-Suppliers and Manufacturere of a range of luxury caravans to off road, and fold out caravans and motorhomes.
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Jetstream Teardrop Trailers SA - Hillcrest, KZN

JETSTREAM TRAILERS is for anyone who prefers a “Get up and go” camping experience and likes the idea of traveling light. They can be towed by smaller vehicles that would not usually be considered for towing duties. Our product adapts well to any outdoor sport whether its Cycling, Hunting, Fishing, or just spending time camping with loved ones.

More Info
See Also: Index to Caravan & Trailer Maintenance

Lists specialists in the service, repair and modifications of caravans and trailers and would include major structural repair work and insurance claim repair work, caravan accident repairs etc.

Off Road Campers
Bush Lapa - Paarl / Pretoria

Let Bush Lapa blow your mind. It's the ingenious offroad trailer/caravan solution for the adventurer who travels off the beaten track but likes fuss-free convenience. Think light. Think 4x4. Think compact. Think queen sized bed. Think 10 minute set-up, fully equipped kitchen and long lasting rust resistance.


Specifications, Distributors, Resorts

Sherpa Leisure

Sherpa Leisure - Sherpa Tiny and Tiny Rough Roader caravans
The unique Sherpa Tiny caravan is small, compact and weighs only 410kg. This means it can be towed by any size vehicle.


Jurgens Ci is Southern Africa’s largest manufacturer of caravans, motor homes and specialized conversions. We have been in operation in South Africa since 1952, which means you can count on us for unmatched expertise and experience.


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AC Motorhomes - Brackenfell

AC Motorhomes is registered as a manufacturer and builder in South Africa.

Customised Motorhomes and Motorhome Conversions are our speciality.

Camper Sales South Africa

Interested in a second hand motor home to ensure a luxury holiday everywhere in Southern Africa? Take a moment to browse this site. We offer 2011 and upwards ex-rental motorhomes for sale. Here you can find all the specs, photos and pricing of the available motor homes, as well as additional info about campers.

Motorhome-world - Atlantis

Motorhome-World is a motorhome manufacturing company, manufacturing motorhomes of a high standard. Situated in Atlantis, Cape Town, the company is currently manufacturing the six, four and two berth models.

A 4 x 4 model with has just been completed. The Discoverer X will be a rugged addition to the line-up. This has been a request from several camper rental companies and the private market alike. a Sure hit!

Schroeder Designer Motorhomes - Jeffreys Bay

A Schroeder Designer Motorhome exceeds all expectations and surpasses every imagination. If you dream about hi-tech luxury and state of the art comfort, master craftsmanship, expert finishes and painstaking attention to detail, you just got it - perfectly packaged in the Schroeder World of customized, handcrafted luxury!
Offroad Caravans and motorhomes on Sprinter, Iveco, Landcruiser, bus or 4 x 4 truck chassis, or on a chassis supplied by the customer.

Sportsvans SA Reimo mobil homes

Sportsvans is an manufacturer-recognised campervan builder for all full Reimo conversions. This can makes a huge difference to the manufacturers that will carry the warranty of your converted camper van.

Specialising in converting Volkswagen VW LT/Crafter, T5 and T4 as well as MB Sprinters/NCV3 and Vitos. We are also happy to convert other types of vehicle into a camper. The best thing to do is give us a call and find out how we can help you.

Vista Motorhomes - Cape Town

Build a range of motorhomes & campervans with most popular layouts.
Specialise in custom builds. Tell us what you have in mind.
Pre-owned sales from rental fleet & private owners

Off Road Campers

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Conqueror Off Road Campers

Conqueror has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of trailers, originally in the military environment and later extended to the off road camping and safari market. The Company has always taken an aggressive and innovative approach in the design of their vehicles, not satisfied with merely following current norms and procedures.

Offroad caravan
Echo 4 x 4 - Centurion

Echo 4×4 products include off road trailers, innovative caravans, conditioned quad trailers and many more products in the 4×4 wheel drive industry.

Branches in Gauteng and Cape Town

Tent trailers
CampTech - Richmond

Further, with the increasing price of fuel, we were sure that there was a gap in the market for a camping trailer that is light to tow, easy to erect and which eliminates having to climb up and down ladders. On and Offroad trailers

Skipper Tent Trailers - Park Rynie, KZN

The Skipper Tent Trailers incorporate good engineering with a strong, hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis and corrosion free materials and fasteners have been used where possible. It is equipped with a suspension suitable for just about any terrain. Robbie will be celebrating his 50 years in the caravan manufacturing in 2013, with son Reinhart following in dads footsteps. Reinhart was brought up in the factory from an early age, and now has 20 years experience in both repairs and manufacturing


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