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Short Title: Section Index : Street Events

These are other pages in this section, that we have indexed under Street Events and relates to those organisations that arrange street events such as gymkhanas, hill climbs and race day events.

It's a precision sport! You must be able to be precise and consistent at all times if you would like to take home the "gold" or in some cases the CASH!
GYMKHANA's are an motion driving skill contest. Each driver is individually timed to the thousandth of a second, over a short, road course clearly defined using traffic cones. Cars compete one at a time. An event can be held on any surface - gravel and or a paved surface.

Revolution -

revolutionizing the world of racing and adrenalin pumping motorsport. There are some exciting events on the table and you best not miss out on the action.
Keep up-to-date with events by regularly visiting our site ensuring you don't fall asleep at the wheel.

Street: Ultimate Street Car Challenge - Wesbank

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