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Short Title: Karting and go-kart racing : Karting News and info.

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See Indoor Karting as in entertainment

Karting in South Africa

News and Info

Natal Karting Home Page

Karting in Natal falls under 3 clubs:
N.K.C (Natal Kart Club)
R.B.M.C (Richards Bay Motor Club).
N.M.C.C (Natal Motorcycle & Car Club)
All of these clubs must comply to MSA regulations.

Official 250cc Superkart Association Web Site

0 - 100 in 3 seconds, speeds of 260km/h and an adrenaline rush that will leave you breathless and shaking, this is 250 Superkart Racing. Unfortunately it is the most under published form of motorsport in South Africa.

250 Superkart racing has been taking place at our South African circuits for more than 30 years. With grown men squeezing their bodies into a kart that is no more than an inch off the surface of the track, climbing out with sore ribs and no wonder why.


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Last update : 25/02/18