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Short Title: Formulas & Series - track : Regional - Inland Tracks.

Links 8 listed on this page. have been indexed under Formulas & Series - track - Regional - Inland Tracks and relates to:-Tracks include Kyalami, Midvaal Raceway, Zwartkops Raceway, Phakisa and Lichtenburg.
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Extreme Supercars

Extreme Supercars is a category of circuit car racing conceived and promoted by Zwartkops. The aim is to provide a high end racing series for GT cars incorporating high performance saloon cars (mainly ex production cars) which is the main attraction for the spectators at the Extreme Festivals.

Formula "M"

Originally designed for short circuits, Formula "M" now race on all of the popular racing circuits in the Northern Regions, including Kyalami, Midvaal Raceway, Zwartkops Raceway, Phakisa and Lichtenburg.
With our fast 1100cc, 600cc, 400cc engines, sequential gears, wings, slick tyres and the ability to reach speeds of more than 200 km/h, these mostly home-built cars are thrilling to drive and ensure exciting and affordable racing.

Formula Libre Gauteng

This race series is open to any form of single seater racing car such as Formula Vee, Formula Ford, Formula Gti, Formula M and single seater Specials and Classics. Events consist of 2 heats, with both heats being scored in Class Time groups as well as Index of Performance. There are thus plenty of opportunities to be a winner in Formula Libre!

INEX Legends South Africa

INEX Legends South Africa is the registered dealership for Legends and Bandolero cars and parts. These spec cars run under a form set of rules internationally.

South African Formula GTi Regional Championship (old)

Last update 2011??

South African Single Seater National Championships

The newer Duratec powered cars are now used in the Formula 1600 National Championship. The addition of front and rear wings, and revised side pods to the cars has changed not just their appearance, but also their handling characteristics and will make for an interesting 2017 season.

SuperHatch - Zwartkops Raceway

What is SuperHatch? SuperHatch is a series backed by Zwartkops Raceway designed for people who want to race. Essentially it offers a cost effective way to start your motor racing career.

VW Challenge Series

The VW Challenge Series is a one manufacturer series and as such there are no other vehicle brands that compete. The direct association with the Volkswagen brand, being a well-respected vehicle manufacturer stands the Series in good stead, as the cars are seen as reliable and safe whilst also being viewed as “Peoples cars”.


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