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Short Title: Formulas & Series - track : Classic and Historic Car Racing.

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African Muscle Cars - Forum

Included here for some very good content on the subject of Classic and Historic Racing Cars and Drivers.

Algoa Historic Motor Club

Historics and Classics racing at Scribante

Classic Car Racing (Pre-80 & Pre-90) - Western Cape

CLASSIC CARS (Historic Racing)

Classic cars are saloon cars manufactured prior to 1977. Quite a large latitude is allowed regarding the rules for modification however very strict control over the modifications are exercised. In short, the cars must retain there original type engines which were 'period' i.e. available in their original format and cannot be substituted for e.g. overhead cam technology instead of push-rod technology, or fuel-injection instead of normally asperated and vice-a-versa etc. The Western Province Classic Car Racing members are renowned for preparing and racing superbly tuned cars in this historic race category.

Historic Racing South Africa (HRSA)

Hisoric Racing South Africa (HRSA) (formerly The Historic Racing Car Register of South Africa) was formed in 1973 with the aim of preserving and racing old cars.
Many of the original members are still to be found participating in races and supporting the club, leading the Committee to believe that the current Formulae of racing offered by the HRSA, is popular and also attracts a good following of spectators.


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