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Short Title: Formulas & Series - track : Index

These are other pages in this section, that we have indexed under Formulas & Series - track and relates to the websites that cover the different car racing Formulas or Series that are being run in South Africa, some of which are national and others that are specific to a region.

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INEX Legends South Africa

INEX Legends South Africa is the registered dealership for Legends and Bandolero cars and parts. These spec cars run under a form set of rules internationally.

Production Car Racing


Regional - Western Cape

Midas Clubmans is a racing category at Killarney racetrack. With Midas Sport as our main sponsor for our category, Over the years Clubmans has grown from strength to strength and dominates race days with entries of over 40 cars.

Regional - Western Cape

Fine Car Racing caters for road going saloons and production sports cars,{manufactured} introduced before 31st December 1989 and which have been out of production for at least 10 years.
We are the category with probably the most variety in terms of manufacturers and models currently racing at Killarney. We encourage marques car clubs like Alfa, Ford, MG, BMW, the Porsche club (who have made a big impact on our membership) and others to participate in our series.

Regional - Western Cape

Formula Libre is single seater racing. It is a formula that caters for all types and makes of single seater racing cars old and new. There are a few exceptions but generally all forms of single seater racing cars qualify to race in this exciting formula. Few racing Formulas have succeeded for as long and been as successful, as this low cost single seater Formula. Over the years it has provided hundreds of young men and some young women, in South Africa , the opportunity to compete in Motor Sport at National Championship level.

Regional - Western Cape

Formula Supercars is the one of the only "true Racing" formulas in the Western Cape, as it is a one-make series.
It is affordable, exciting and at a technical level that is understood by everyone.
Formula Supercars rules promotes equal, affordable and fun racing. Let there be no mistake, these are serious race cars, not toys. Reliability is the key issue to reduce costs and this package keeps maintenance costs very low.
The rules assure close racing, which is what this sport is all about.

Regional - Western Cape

Controllered by the GTi Club of SA All drivers are to become registered members of the GTi Club of SA. WPMC membership is recommended. Drivers must be in possession of an MSA Regional Circuit Racing License.

South African Single Seaters

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Sports and GT racing


Super Hatch

SuperHatch is a series backed by Zwartkops Raceway designed for people who want to race. Essentially it offers a cost effective way to start your motor racing career.


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