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Short Title: Section Index : Drag Racing

These are other pages in this section, that we have indexed under Drag Racing and relates to sites that provide online news and information about the Drag Racing scene.

KZN Motor Racing Club

SA Drags Magazine

Magazine and online Forum & Gallery that is updated within 2 days of any event and there is a section for the video lovers as well and to add to that we have a forum that everyone can post pictures and leave there jokes and pictures on.

Sport Compact Series

What is the Sport Compact Series? Not much really, besides being the most anticipated racing series in recent years! The Sport Compact Series is a no holds barred race-with-what-you’ve-got racing event that was designed to separate the men from the boys and raise the bar for the South African drag racing industry.

Tarlton International Raceway

The Strip At Black Rock - Pretoria

New drag facility in Pretoria.

West Coast Motor Racing Club

In 2005 a group of young motor racing enthusiasts saw the need to promote drag racing in a safe environment and approached the local municipality to help get the speed demons off the public roads, thus WEST COAST MOTOR RACING CLUB was born. In conjunction with the municipality, provincial and local traffic departments it was agreed to use the Saldanha Airfield to stage drag racing events and to use the proceeds to benefit the poorer communities in the West Coast.


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