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Short Title: Project and Modified cars : Ford.

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Project and modified cars from the Ford range.

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Cortina - Corvette powered V8 - Chris - Bloemfontein

his is my Ford Cortina, 1979 model with a 5.7 litre Chevy V8 Tuned Port Injection with a nice big Turbo.

Ford Capri 3000GT - Restoration Project

Restoration Project - step by step build of my 1972 ford capri 3000GT, from a abandoned rusty project to a shiny show car.

Ford Escort MK II - (Herman Mathee & Ruan Reynders)

It all started a few years ago when I saw a very neat little Ford Escort MK II parked outside a shop. Iím a avid believer of stealing with your eyes and that is just what I did, approached the car and started looking at it, the owner, then a complete stranger to me approached, we started having a conversation and a friendship were born.

Ford Sierra - Chris - Bloemfontein

The car's bodywork looked ok, taking in mind that it was standing on a farm under a tree for 4 yrs. It needed a hell of a clean-up and a polish or two. This car was called a Sapphire 3.0 GLX in South Africa.


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