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This page last updated : 25/02/18

Short Title: Project and Modified cars : Audi.

Links 3 listed on this page. have been indexed under Project and Modified cars - Audi and relates to:-Project and modified cars from the AUDI range.
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Project and Modified cars Audi S2 Coupe with Audi 4.2Lt V8 engine - Auto Start

Plans are to fit the engine, Tiptronic gearbox, wiring, ECU, ABS, etc into the S2. Front and rear brakes will be ex A8 and A8 rims. Seats to be sourced ex A3 or some other coupe. I loved the gearbox in the A8. Fast and smooth. .. read more .....

S2 Audi Coupe - Rebuild - Auto Start \ Audi Pro logo
Link%20Icon /projects/project_2.htm

The history we have is that the car was purchased in 2002 from a scrap yard for R50000 and partly repaired and re-sprayed. The owner spent a lot of money on a OE RS2 front bumper, complete with lights which today costs R19000 as well as... Read more

S2 Audi Coupe - Chris - Bloemfontein logo

Hi, I am from Bloemfontein, South Africa and started a new project with my latest play thing, an Audi S2. I bought this car in Johannesburg where it was lying on its belly under a tree for a period of time.... Read more


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Last update : 25/02/18